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My boyfriend enjoys going fishing, and whether he is throwing a pole in the river, the ocean, or the lake, my fiance could fish every single day. Occasionally me and him will go away for the weekend, just so my hubby can try fishing in new locations. I do not mind fishing either, however I detest the taste and smell of fish. We never throw anything back, if it is large enough to eat. My fiance grew up eating all types of fish, plus he prefers to to cook them in the kitchen. this week, he went fishing with two of his work buddies. They rented a big fishing boat, and spent all day sea fishing. My fiance caught almost 15 red snapper plus a pretty large sea bass. When he came to the apartment later that day, he decided to cook up the fish. The whole apartment smelled terrible, plus I asked if the ventilation was working. My hubby had the ventilation running above the stove, however the entire area still stinks like rotten seawater and old fish meat. I turned the air conditioning system a few degrees lower, praying it would combat the horrible fishy stink in the house. After my fiance cooks fish, the whole kitchen stinks bad for a few days. I ┬ájust wish the ventilation system worked better, so me and him didn’t have that lingering odor for days at a time! Some friends of ours have an replaced ventilation system that includes a top of the line house air purifier. Their house never stinks at all. Plus they always have the media whole-house air purifier running while cooking their meals. The fish stink never enters the air or lingers forever.

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