The young HVAC specialist sucks

Millennials are a special breed, if you ask me. They drive me crazy periodically, however I also respect their values. For example, most millennials value happiness in a task as much if not more than the pay they make. A millennial would rather have a low paying task they enjoy than a high paying task they hate. I always chased the currency, no matter where it took me, so I have a begrudging respect for these women who want to be enthusiastic in their work. Of course, spending so much time worrying about being enthusiastic can lead to awful work choices. I didn’t get into Heating as well as A/C service because I enjoy a/cs or gas furnaces, I did it because it is a skilled trade I can use to support our family. Over the years I have grown really fond of the Heating as well as A/C industry, because it pays well, offers good benefits, as well as lets me drive around as well as task with our hands. I don’t recognize spiritually fulfilled by Heating as well as A/C service work, but is that particularly necessary for me? I am not a millennial so I don’t have that mindset, but if I did I might not have decided to get into the Heating as well as A/C industry. I might have tried to be a painter or a writer, which sounds good but genuinely doesn’t pay as well as heating as well as cooling repair. Right now I task with a millennial child who is serving as our Heating as well as A/C assistant for condo calls. He tells me he doesn’t think if the Heating as well as A/C company will bring him happiness, as well as I always just shake our head.

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