Our heater repair during the party

Every Halloween I host an all evening film marathon. There is always beer, liquor, wine, as well as snacks! Costumes are mandatory, but all who arrive in costume get 12 straight fifths of food, drink, as well as horror flicks. I am not bragging when I tell you that our Halloween parties have become a sort of institution, as well as dozens of people come every single year. Last year the entire operation was put in doubt, as well as we almost cancelled the film festival! A bit of a luck made us a new buddy who was also a horror film buss, as well as got our Heating as well as A/C system fixed up for free at the same time. The problem was with the central furnace, which had been spotty for a while now. The AC seemed to task just fine, but now that we needed a gas furnace it had been acting up, with  local temps expected to drop below cold during the overnight fifths, I couldn’t hold an all evening party separate from a nice heater. Instead of canceling the party, our sibling suggested I invite a buddy of his who worked for an Heating as well as A/C company. The guy was apparently super into horror film, as well as also inspected heating systems for a residing so it seemed appreciate a smart play. Instead of playing coy about it, I straight up asked the dude to take a look at our heater, as well as I would pay him what he wanted. He provided to service the gas furnace for free in return for all he could eat as well as drink, as well as he would come to the party dressed as an Heating as well as A/C repairman.

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