Husband is a HVAC specialist

Like these afternoons has become rather hectic. My fiance just started a new task about 3 weeks ago and the people I was with and I have a newborn at lake house too. I went back to task just more than five weeks after the baby was born so our schedules are a little crazy. Additionally, the baby has not been sleeping through the night so the people I was with and I are exhausted all the time. It seems love there are just not enough hours in the day to get everything accomplished that needs to be done and now our fiance is finally working overtime as it is the beginning of fall and this is their tied up season. He works as an Heating, Ventilation, and A/C worker and all of the clients they repair want their systems tuned up before winter. This means that it is mandatory he task overtime each day and this puts additional strain on our household. I periodically wish there were a way to have a few extra hours each day just so that I can keep up with the house, our work, and the baby. The bright side is him finally working so several extra hours is that the people I was with and I will have enough currency to go away on trip during his down time. Normally once all of the systems have been repair he can have a month or so off and I am planning on taking a trip somewhere moderate during the winter. It will be a good getaway for both of us and the people I was with and I will have time to spend with our little girl and just relax. In the meantime I will continue to try to hold down the home while he is at task so several hours although I do have to ask him to look at our own system as well. I have the capability of increasing the filter and things love that although he needs to easily make sure it’s up and running for the season ahead.

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