Can’t revive the cooling unit

Just trying to sleep during a heatwave is almost impossible to do.  What would happen if your air conditioner stopped certainly working altogether?  Would you immediately call for an Heating & AC emergency repair? Or would you first troubleshoot your Heating & A/C plan in addition to try to determine what is wrong.  I assume what I would do, but then again I’m in the Heating & A/C business; Knowing what to look for in a non-really working air conditioner plan is straight-forward for me.  First of all, check the control unit. Did someone accidently reset the control component to a unusual setting? If it is a programmable control unit, you will want to ensure that your preferred settings have not been changed.  While you are at the control unit, double-check the batteries to ensure they are still giving your control component life. Better yet, just toss them in the trash in addition to refill your control component with current batteries.  Also, always check the electrical box. If you had some type of event that tripped the box, just flip the breakers back in addition to forth. If you still can’t get your air conditioner plan to turn on, go outside in addition to check the outside Heating & A/C unit.  Ensure that no yard debris or worse, a tree limb has not fallen on the unit. While outside, check the component for ice. If ice is found, then call for an Heating & A/C provider as soon as you can. If no ice is found on the compressor, maybe the Heating & A/C plan needs freon.  Freon can only be added to your heating in addition to cooling plan by a certified Heating & A/C worker, so entirely call the air conditioning system supplier for help.


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