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Visiting my sister

When I was visiting with my sister, it was a great time. It was just her in her household. She still hadn’t met anyone she cares for enough to be in a relationship and she certainly wouldn’t have anyone move in with her as she valued her privacy. I loved to visit her as I knew she could use the company. I know she has friends over from time to time as well so I know she’s not a total loner. The one day we were just hanging out watching some TV, and the A/C in her place quit working. She said not to worry, she had experience dealing with this sort of thing. She checked the thermostat which was operating okay but it wouldn’t get the A/C to turn back on. I told her that she should think about getting a smart thermostat. It would actually send you alerts when you need your HVAC maintenance and let you know the status of the HVAC equipment, even when it needs an air filter change. She said that sounded nice. I went on to say that it would provide energy savings tips as well and recommend certain settings to save money. Of course you could set it however you wished, but there were always great ways to save. She went down to the basement to check the HVAC unit. When she came back up she was already on the phone with the HVAC company. She told me they were on the way. I was surprised when the HVAC technician was at the door in 15 minutes from her call. He was a really great guy and he clearly already knew my sister. If I didn’t know any better, I would say they had something going on, but I thought no way. The HVAC technician had everything repaired in no time and he actually gave her a hug and went on his way. That’s when I asked my sister if they had something going on. She just smiled and didn’t say anything.

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Our daughter big day was ruined by the HVAC system

All the while our daughter was in college studying to be and economics teacher she worked very hard to get good grades. Now that graduation time has come she will be graduating at the top of her class and has been asked to give the students address during the ceremony. Words cannot describe how proud we are of what she has accomplished so much in four short years and she even has a job starting in the fall. The graduation ceremony was to be held in the college auditorium and get seats almost 3,000 people. Whenever you have that many people under one roof you better be sure that you have a working HVAC system or I could spell out disaster. This is exactly what happened on the day that our daughter had prepared to give the most important speech of her life. When the staff came in to set up for the day they realize that the air conditioner was broken and there was no time to find a technician to make the repairs. When we found out that the entire auditorium was going to be filled with people and there would be no air conditioning or ventilation we were concerned about our daughter’s well-being. If she became to overheated during her speech she could pass out, fall off the stage, and hurt herself. My husband wasn’t sure what to do so he went to the local HVAC dealer to see if there was some sort of portable air conditioner that could be rented and used on the stage.  Thankfully, they did have such a device and we’re able to deliver it about half an hour before she went on. The cooling device didn’t do much to help all of the other people in the auditorium but at least our daughter felt safe and comfortable during a time when she was extremely nervous.

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Opinions on if we want an air purifier or AC

My husband and I are both very stubborn and opinionated. Generally this isn’t an issue for us because we also like a lot of the same things, like intense debates, and we aren’t offended or angered easily. One of the few times we have gotten into an actual argument was when my husband was trying to convince me to convert the entire HVAC system in our house to include A/C. I never liked A/C and still don’t as a matter of fact. It is bad for the environment, even the more ‘green friendly’ systems, and who knows what all those chemicals actually do to you! I was so against getting central A/C in the house and I told my husband this outright when he first mentioned it to me. He would, from that point on, mention the idea occasionally. I told him the same thing again and again. I don’t like A/C. One of the things I’ve always wanted was a medical grade air purifier. We live in a big city and the pollution is probably not very healthy for us. I know a friend who runs a holistic wellness business out of her home and she has one of these purifiers. When you walk into her house, it’s like a cloud unveiling the sun! It is such a difference in attitude having that purifier. You just feel so light and fresh. Ever since I’ve known about that, I’ve wanted one. Well, needless to say they are very expensive, and my husband quickly detailed the cons of such an investment. I just let it go for the immediate future. Now that he wants central A/C, he’s a lot more open to the idea of the air purifier. Maybe we will come to a compromise after all and just get both?

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Ductless HVAC for shed

My Mom and I moved out west, about four months ago. She was having trouble getting a prescription for medical marijuana. We decided to move to a state that offered medical and recreational marijuana use. We were here for a week, when my Mom started talking about growing our own medical cannabis. Our state allowed each of us to grow and harvest eight plants of our own. We decided to buy a small shed, to place outside our house. The shed acted like a greenhouse, so our plants could be protected from the harsh elements. At first, it seemed like the plants were doing well. After two weeks, every seedling died. We talked to a lot of local farmers, and they suggested our problem might have been the ventilation. My Mom and I bought a small ductless HVAC unit, so we could help maintain proper levels of moisture and perfect temperatures. The ductless HVAC unit was expensive, but we purchased something with a moisture tracking system. The ductless HVAC can help adjust the moisture levels in the apsce, so our plants are always thriving. So far, the ductless HVAC unit seems to be working well. We have a smart thermostat in the shed. If there are temperature or humidity fluctuations, the smart thermostat alerts us. Our smart thermostat send us a message, if the levels fluctuate further than our parameters. We finally have marijuana plants that are two months old, and they seem to be doing well. Our fingers are crossed that we will be able to harvest a few ounces this time.

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New heat pump for the cabin

Sometimes problems can occur, when you least expect them. That has always been a big problem for me. It seems like when it rains, it often pours right down on my head. Recently, I was having some trouble with my Jeep. It needed two new tires. While the tires were being installed, I found out that the shocks were bad too. After spending five hundred dollars, my savings account was empty. The very next day, the heat pump in my cabin went bad. The heat pump was 12 years old, but I hoped it would last another year or two. A few months ago, I had the HVAC unit inspected and tuned-up. The technician warned me that the heat pump was in bad shape, but I really hoped he was just exaggerating. I hoped he was trying to sell me a new heat pump. Unfortunately, I guess he was right on the money. The heat pump had to be removed and replaced with a new one. I had to contact the HVAC supplier, so they could replace the heat pump in my cabin. They were equally surprised that it didn’t last this winter season. I hated to use my credit card for the purchase, but the Jeep tires wiped out my entire savings. I had no choice on the heat pump, so I had to swipe the plastic. With new tires on the jeep and a new heat pump, I hope the troubles will be over for a few months. It’s going to take six months, just to finish paying off the new heat pump.

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Good spirits

My parents always taught me to be kind especially to people who are being rude or disrespectful. It’s something that is cool because it really throws people off. If someone said something incredibly rude, you give them a compliment with a sincere heart and they don’t know what to make of it. Sometimes it just changes people’s moods altogether like magic. I’m sure there’s something with how you deliver your words because I don’t think anyone could pull it off. I’m pretty good at it and I figure I got that from my father. The other day when I was at the store and their HVAC system wasn’t working, I had the cashier laughing like crazy even though it was a lousy situation. I told her before I left that I knew they would have their A/C working again in no time. It’s really great to see people in a good mood and smiling, especially if they were just in a lousy mood. The other month when our HVAC system quit working, I called up the HVAC company. When the HVAC technician arrived at our place, he didn’t seem to be in good spirits and I cracked some jokes with him and I got him laughing. He was saying how refreshing it was to arrive at a place with people in good spirits. All the places he went to that day were full of miserable people who just killed his mood altogether. He knew it was because their A/C wasn’t working and that tends to put people in negative moods. He hoped he could lift their spirits by fixing their systems, but most people were just aggravated that day. He was happy that I was able to lift his spirits a little bit. When he repaired our A/C, I gave him a nice tip, left him with one more joke and I sent him smiling and on his way!

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Heating and air in zones

My husband, Mark and I just purchased our first house. In the past, we’ve always rented places.   Unfortunately, the property owners are rather strict about what type of pets you can and can’t keep on the premises. Mark and I usually just smuggle our reptiles in without telling anyone. They are quiet and clean and contained, so I don’t  understand the problem. After Mark and I got asked to vacate our fourth apartment, we bought a house. We closed on the deal just a few weeks ago. The house is definitely a fixer-upper, but there’s nothing in too bad of shape. The biggest issue is the HVAC system.  It needs to be upgraded because of age. We are happy that there is now an extra room available for the reptiles. They prefer a hot and dry habitat. Mark and I like to stay cool. We are currently debating what type of heating and cooling system would be best for the house.   We need the reptile room to stay hot year round! We would still like to have cooling available in the rest of the house. Even in the Wintertime, we’ll maintain a higher temperature in their room. The HVAC serviceman who provided an evaluation, is recommending a zone control Heating and A/C plan.  This would allow us to control the temperature in various parts of the house independently. Mark and I would be able to keep the existing ductwork but require a few modifications. Overall, the project will not be that much more money than a traditional heating and air conditioning system. Mark and I would save money by controlling the temperature in different zones, and we could maintain the reptile room to 85 all year round. We still need to decide on how many zones we need throughout the house. we could have a separate zone for the first and second floor, or set up room-by-room control.