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My house needs work

My sister, Lydia, absolutely loves shopping. She would literally shop everyday if she could afford it. I love my sister so much, and even though I don’t like shopping as much as she does, I love shopping with her because it means more time to spend together. We try to make a habit of shopping and going out to lunch the first Saturday of each month. We have so much fun together. We embarrass each other whenever possible just to bring back memories of the good old days. Lydia has one condition for shopping, and that is we always have to stop and buy and iced coffee before we start our shopping spree. I love iced coffee just as much as she does, but one thing that bothers me is that most stores are kept so cold that I don’t have any desire for iced coffee while in them. We live out West, so it’s almost always hot outside, and I am thankful for AC, but stores just seem to go overboard. I have learned to always bring an extra sweater with me when I go shopping because I freeze waking through the stores. Last time, we were in a store together, I got so cold that I went up to a cashier and asked them why they kept the store so cold. Of course, she didn’t know why, but she asked her manager if they could raise the temperature a few degrees. Thankfully, the manager gave no troubles and readily agreed that the store was simply too cold. I hope he will keep the store warmer from now on and that other stores will do the same.

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I bet I can make this work

My friends and I have a pool party, at least once during the summer. Our apartment complex has a really large swimming pool, with a great area for having parties and grilling food. My friends and I decided to have a party last Sunday. The weather forecast said it was going to be warm and sunny all day long. This is the perfect weather for an afternoon summer pool party. I bought fifteen pounds of chicken and ribs for the party. My friends Sarah and Beth brought vodka, rum, and the ingredients to make pineapple margaritas. We had everything necessary for the perfect day of fun, sun, and food. Unfortunately, we didn’t end up with much sun. A few hours before the start of our party, it started raining and pouring. It came out of nowhere, and even baffled our weather meteorologist. We had to move our pool party into the clubhouse. The A/C was cranking on high, and we were shivering in minutes. It was 90 outside before the rain, and it seemed to feel like 50 inside of the building. Sara found the thermostat, and changed the temperature to 72 degrees. We started pouring drinks, and no one cared about the heat or the A/C after two pitchers of pineapple margaritas. When some folks came in to play billiards, they started to complain about the warm temperature in the building. They wanted to change the thermostat, until we offered them a pitcher of patron margaritas. Despite the weather, we had a pretty good day and met some really cool new friends.

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This climate control is awesome

When my wife and I go camping, we take the camper and the dogs. Our two dogs love to go camping, because they enjoy hiking, walking, and being outdoors. We have taken our pups hiking in the canyons, walking in the waterfalls, and dune buggying in the desert. The dogs love the adventure as much as my wife and I seem to love the adventure. When we bought the new camper, we knew it would change the way we camped. We had always been in a tent before, but the camper made things a lot smoother and easier. We have a nice shower, running water, and a flushing toilet in our camper. In addition to that, we also have a very nice central HVAC machine. The central HVAC machine is ducted throughout the camper, to make the interior air conditioner very nice and relaxing. We have a traditional thermostat to control the heat and air conditioning levels. We have two air vents in our bedroom, and two air vents in the living room. The bathroom has an exhaust fan and a window, so no air vents in the bathroom. The two air vents in the living room, are located right above the dining table. The dogs love to lay behind the table, so the air vent blows air right on their back,. It doesn’t even matter if it’s warm or cool air, because I think the dogs love the breeze the best. Even when we leave for the day without our furry friends, they are still sitting under the air vents when we return.

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I have to talk with my sibling

My parents gave us a wonderful wedding gift, they rented a beautiful bungalow by the shore for us so that we could get away for a week and enjoy the sunshine. Now that all of the hecticness of the wedding is behind us, I can’t wait to relax on the beach with my new husband. These past two years have been crazy and if I have to chose another color of napkins, style of flowers, or song choice anytime soon I will lose my mind.   We even arranged for a private boat ride on the first night we are there and I really can’t wait to get there. When we first arrived the place was just stunning. We unpacked and headed down to the beach for a quick swim before dinner. When we arrived back, the house was stifling hot. When my husband went to check the thermostat he found that it was programmed for 75 degrees. This meant that the heat was actually on and we could do nothing about it.  The thermostat was surrounded by a lock box to keep the tenants from cranking the air conditioning when they were there. We ended up leaving the windows open to at least get an ocean breeze. The next day we called the owners and they came out to adjust the settings. They apologized and said the the programming was still set from the winter season. The rest of our trip was pure Heaven and gave us a great start to our married life together. We actually booked the same location for our one year anniversary but we will make sure that the HVAC system is programmed properly before we arrive.

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I’m learning a lot

When my husband and I rented a beach house by the shore for our fortieth wedding anniversary, we couldn’t have been more excited. Now that our children grown with families of their own, it was finally time for us to go out and enjoy ourselves. We have constantly put our kids first and spent any extra money helping them out, so, it was nice to know we were doing something just for ourselves.   We even arranged for a private dinner cruise while we were on vacation as an anniversary present to each other. We were very happy to go and we couldn’t wait to share our experiences with the kids when we got home either. A week after we returned we had all of them over for dinner with their kids. We missed all of them while we were gone and we set up a slideshow of pictures for everyone to see.  When they asked how we liked the beach house, my husband and I just looked at each other. Confused, they asked if there was a problem. The pictures looked truly fantastic so they didn’t see any problem. When we explained that each morning we woke up to a boiling hot house due to the HVAC system they began to understand. We explained that the system had been programmed for the heat to come on whenever the place was 75 degrees they realized that this would be very uncomfortable. We don’t even keep our own home that warm in the winter so having the heat on was a real problem.  The thermostat had a lock box on it so we weren’t even able to adjust the programming. I went online to review the property and made sure to mention that the temperature really should be adjusted so that people renting the property didn’t have the same issue that we did. We still had a great time and really enjoyed being away, just the two of us.

I really didn’t want this

When you book a vacation to a beach resort you have certain expectation. My brother and sister rented a small bungalow by the shore for their anniversary and were very excited about the trip.  They have four kids so some alone time was well overdue. It is finally time for them to go away by themselves because they kids were old enough to be left with family. They have always put the kids first ever since the oldest was born over fifteen years ago. They spent any extra money on things the kids needed and always put whatever they wanted on hold. We were thrilled to help them out and have the kids stay with us for the week and even arranged for a private boat ride for them to go on while they were on vacation.  They were excited to go and I couldn’t wait to hear about it when they got home. A week after they returned they had us all over for supper and showed us all the pictures from their trip. When I asked how they liked the bungalow, they both sort of grumbled. I had seen the pictures and it looked absolutely wonderful so I wasn’t sure what that was all about. When I pressed my sister on the issue she said that there had been a problem with the HVAC system. Each day they would wake up boiling hot because it was so hot. This didn’t make much sense because they were in a beach rental and I guess I figured that the air conditioning would have taken care of that problem, however they said that the HVAC unit had something wrong with it and for some reason it was programmed to have the heat come on when the temperature was still 77 degrees. The control unit had a lock box on it and they couldn’t get the thing to shut off no matter what they did. The management said that they would fix it but that never happened either.

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That took some time

My parents rented a beach bungalow by the shore for their wedding anniversary.  After raising five kids, who are all out on our own, it is finally time for them to go out do something for themselves.  They have always put us first and spent their time and money helping us out, so, it was nice to hear that they were doing something for themselves.  My brother and I even arranged for a private boat ride, complete with a bottle of champagne for them while they were on holiday as a present. A week after they returned they had us all over for lunch and a slide show of their trip. When I asked my mom how she liked the bungalow, she sort of grumbled. I was a little confused because Ii had seen the pictures and it looked really great.  I wasn’t sure what the feelings she had were all about. When I pressed her on the issue, she said that there had been a problem with the Heating and Air Conditioning system. She said that each day they would wake up perspiring because it was so hot. This didn’t make much sense because they were at the beach and I figured that the air conditioning would have taken care of that problem.  Mom said that the HVAC system had something wrong with it and for some reason it was programmed to have the heat come on when the temperature reached 70 degrees. The control unit had a lock box on it and she could not get the thing to shut off no matter what she did. I am glad they enjoyed their trip and I will be rating the facility online so others don’t have an issue with the HVAC system.

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We need a new HVAC program

I constantly wanted to get older as well as find a way to make a huge bit of money. When I was a small child, I easily didn’t believe money was going to be an important thing. I constantly watched my parents be upset about bills as well as money, as well as I knew I likely did not want to be in a situation of the same. I studied very hard in my high school years, and easily graduated with a high GPA. I was also accepted to five different major colleges, as well as I easily had my choice of any easy major. Three of those colleges even offered me a huge ride scholarship. After I spent many years in my college obtaining an MBA, I immediately finished classes as well as begin my job for a Downton Financial firm. I was easily working a 12-hour afternoons, as well as I didn’t love a single of the moment of my day. I was easily making a heap of dollars, but I easily did not love my life. It took many years to make an easy change, as well as it happened to be large. Some Investments allowed me enough money to preserve any dreams, as well as I had decided to find a job working with both of my hands. I chose to attend school again to become a certified AC, heating, as well as ventilation worker. I never knew this was the dream that I had thought about, but it was a wonderful decision. I have a glad life with an amazing wife as well as two great kids. We live out near the country as well as I 12 multiple our afternoons, as well as never have to work on the weekends.

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Thermostat issues

I have tried my best to put my effort into keeping up with the repair on my home.  If something needs painting, replacement, or repair, I try and either do it myself or contract with someone who can do the job. My HVAC system, for example used to be a top priority for me,  but it just got away from me in the end. I didn’t want to have to admit defeat, but it was time. I needed a new routine. As I looked around my house, really looked, I realized that I wasn’t being a good homeowner after all. My HVAC unit was older, and I knew I was going to have to replace it before long anyway. I tried to make sure I had an HVAC specialist come out and tune it up every six months.  It just seems that life has gotten in the way. Family obligations, work, and even the holidays really take up a lot of time. It just got in the way and I forgot about my furnace until one day when I woke up to a frigid house. I flew out of bed only to have my fears confirmed, the furnace had stopped working. I knew I needed to call an HVAC dealer and I also knew that my system was more than likely toast! I could have kicked myself at that moment as I dialed the phone to have a technician come out to the house.  When he arrived, he almost immediately confirmed our fears. He tried to be kind as he explained my options for replacement of my entire system. He also gave me an estimate from his company for the work but recommended I get a few estimates just to be sure what I wanted.

Things are getting a bit closer

I’ve been pretty positive and upbeat person by nature however, I met a person last week that took back to extremes. I called my HVAC dealer and scheduled my annual checkup not knowing that I would meet such an awesome technician. I have heard people describe themselves as ‘upbeat’ before, but until I met my new repairman I guess I never really understood how “upbeat” a person could be. ! He was, without a doubt, the happiest person I had ever met.  Even before I answered the door, I heard him humming to himself through the door, The way he knocked seemed to exude cheerfulness as well. One look at his face, which was positively beaming, and I knew this was a different sort of person. As he tested my HVAC system, he whistled and at one point he began to sing to himself. I could hear him from upstairs. It was the greatest appointment I had ever had. He was an expert at what he did and just made me feel at ease from the moment we met. I was dumbfounded to the point that I almost forgot to thank him as he all but bounded out the door.  I had witnessed this rare, particularly positive person in action, however I wondered if it was a normal thing for him. The next time I saw him was a few months later for routine servicing of my HVAC system. I had made a point of asking for him again, because he had done such an excellent job, and I was really curious about him. Would he be the same as I had seen him the time before? Does he really spend every waking moment that glad? I had to know. When he arrived, I recognized the same exuberant knock. I opened the door to find the same smile. Again, he whistled and sang as he tuned up my HVAC system.  He did tell me that had found a minor issue but it was already repaired and he said that I had nothing to worry about. Again, when he left, I was speechless. I’ve never worked with another Heating and A/C repairman since meeting him.

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