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Getting some heater service in the fall

Ever since i’ve been a little kid, i’ve been obsessed with cleaning. Cleaning has always been my thing. Everything I ever owned is spotless. If it is not, it doesn’t fly with me. It can be anything from a piece of wood to the house itself, if it’s not clean, forget it! Honestly, and to be totaly honest, it doesn’t matter what it is. If it needs cleaning I love doing it; this includes our heating and cooling system. It’s on my weekly chore list to wash or change the filter in the furnace every month.  On a yearly bases along between the time my hubby and I have the furnace tuned-up, I also give it a detailed cleaning. I usually do this at the start of fall when the heating system isn’t being used, in order to prepare it for the chilly Winter temperatures. I turn off the furnace breaker and while the furnace is cool, I remove the sides. I use the long hose with the tight nozzle on my vacuum to wash out the dust that may have accumulated inside the gas furnace. I also use a damp rag on the air blower blades and the parts of the furnace that the vacuum couldn’t reach.  I finish the cleaning of our heating and cooling system by sweeping out the closet and making sure the safety switch is free of dust and unplugged. That’s just how I roll. Me, the major cleaning and neat freak. If it aint clean, I won’t put up with it. And that’s just the way it is in my universe, like it or not!

I love heated floors

My husband is a car fanatic.  Specifically, he loves to restore vintage cars.  Wherever we are, if he sees an older car sitting in someone’s yard, or while he is reading the paper, he has to check it out.  He says that it helps him relax when he is working on bringing these rust buckets back to life. He doesn’t mind doing the body work or working on the engine and motor.  Sometimes it takes a couple of weeks before he can even find the right parts to continue the restoration, but that doesn’t slow him down or damper his mood. The funny thing is the only type of repair work that he likes to do is working on his cars.  I can’t get him to service our heating and cooling system before the hot summer weather or the freezing cold temperatures of the upcoming winter. Our condenser is on the side of our house and not the roof, so sometimes debris will get into it. I looked it up online to see how difficult it would be to clean it myself.  It didn’t seem so difficult so I began by removing the grate over the fan and vacuumed the debris out. I used my garden hose to spray the fins. The online instructions also suggested that I inspect the fins because they bend very easily. I didn’t have a fin tool so I just gently straighten them with a butter knife, being very careful not to damage the tubing inside.  The final step was to level the condenser. The soil under and around the condenser will settle getting the pad off-level. I had to look up what shims were, but apparently they are used to bring the condenser back up to a level position. I did a portion of the HVAC upkeep. I can’t say that I found a new hobby, but at least we are closer to getting the maintenance done.

HVAC maintenance plan 

Some quality HVAC maintenance

When we were visiting my aunt, my child was being a brat! I had to figure out a great punishment for him. The one thing I figured out was to have him service my aunt’s heating and cooling system! The fact that servicing the heating and cooling system was on my partner’s list of things to do anyway to help out his aging aunt, I thought it would be a great way to kill two birds with one stone. So, I printed off a list from a quality heating and cooling supplier’s website, that had items to check when servicing the homes heating and cooling system. The following day, I had him begin by cleaning the air filter. I also purchased a feather duster and had him move the furniture away from the radiators and dust all of the heating radiators throughout the entire three story house. My aunt’s heating and cooling system had not been serviced at all in over six or seven years so much work was needed. The air needed to be bled from the hot water radiators. My partner supervised him as he turned the key on the hot water radiator to let out some of the water and trapped air. My aunt’s current home is rather large, there had to be over three or four radiators in her home. Once my child completed cleaning the heating and cooling system in my aunt’s house, It was obvious from the look on his face that he would think twice in future about breaking the current home rules.

HVAC care plan

I can tell the guy is on the way

Some good buddies of mine and I decided to form a band. We all had some sick talent and we worked really well together. We started jamming in the garage at my buddy’s house. The thing that was awful about having jam sessions in his garage was that the place was way too overheated. It was the middle of the summer and there was no HVAC system in his garage! I was talking with my buddy after jamming out and he agreed. We just kept the garage door open, but it was still too hot and humid as well. I told my buddy that he should consider getting a ductless mini split HVAC unit. I said it would be perfect for the garage space, and I knew about it because that’s what my father got for our garage a long while ago and it worked wonders for the garage! He asked me why we weren’t jamming out at my place then! I told him I didn’t know, I didn’t think my parents would like all the noise. I asked my father if we could jam out and he surprisingly said that was okay. So we started jamming in my garage and that’s when my buddy agreed that he was definitely going to get a ductless mini split HVAC system. I told him I would even throw down some money for it, and the rest of our group agreed we would split the cost so we would have a place to play our music without bothering anyone. My buddy happens to live out in the country, and that’s why it’s so ideal to play music at his place.

heat and AC 

The heater and a/c ins and outs

With the series of terrible tragedies happening across our country every day, we find ourselves constantly sad about the youth of the nation. As the father of a few young teenage boys, I had to do something to keep them out of serious trouble. Rather than let them make a series of exhausting mistakes like our friends and I made at their age, I decided to get both of our boys signed up for an apprenticeship with a localheating and cooling contracting firm to learn about HVAC technology and service. Doing so would provide them several hours every other night of the week, while in there which they would handle grunt task for the company, but still acquire training on the ins and outs of heating and cooling technology, repair and service! They were even offered a great salary to ensure they saw the value in their work! I wish I had that growing up. Anyway, they’ve actually picked up on the principles and applications of heating and cooling technologies and systems. Their efforts as adolescents absolutely shaped their behavior as adults, because both of them decided to pursue jobs in skilled trade industries, then one of them is a journeyman electrician, plus the other continued working in the heating and cooling industry as a sales representative and certified friendly local HVAC specialist. They both make good money, and more importantly, they’ve stayed out of trouble! It was a great idea getting them into this HVAC schooling. It really helped them years down the line as adults! I feel good about it!

heater and a/c

I was so sad

Recently, I picked up this job working at a warehouse. I already had a job but I really needed some extra money. The thing is, I was trying to save up for a new HVAC system. The last time I had my HVAC system checked out, the HVAC technician was telling me that I was getting to the point where I could use an upgrade. He let me know that to repair my HVAC machine would cost almost as much as an actual upgrade, and I thought that was a little bit depressing. I knew I couldn’t afford either, so that’s why I picked up another job. I’m only planning on working this job until I have the money needed for the upgrade though. The thing that I can’t stand however is that the warehouse doesn’t even have an HVAC system. There is no sort of A/C while we are working. The only thing we have are industrial sized fans blowing humid air all around the warehouse. Sure it is better than nothing but it really isn’t that comfortable. I always dread going to work at the warehouse because of this and I’m really just counting down the days until I can quit the job. I can’t wait to get out of there and get my new HVAC system! That is my motivation however, getting the new HVAC inside of my house. I can’t wait to have a reliable system, and I also want a nice smart thermostat as well. I heard those are really great to have. Apparently, you are able to adjust the temperature control from your smartphone!

HVAC tune-up

We are cleaning the whole house

If I never have to take a trip with teenagers again as long as I live, that will be just fine with me. I volunteered as a chaperone for a school trip and I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into. After six hours in a van with twelve middle school girls, I was ready to tear my hair out. It wasn’t their incessant talking, their goofy jokes, or even their annoying music that got to me, though. It was their constant complaining about the heating and air conditioning situation. Look, if I’m driving, I feel like I should be in control of the temperature and the thermostat in the vehicle. I didn’t see any of them driving, since they were all thirteen! Therefore, I’m the boss of the thermostat and the interior temperature of the van, right? Well, all I heard for basically six hours on the highway was that someone was too hot or that someone was too cold. Turn on the heater, no, turn off the heating! Will you please turn on the air conditioning; will you please turn off the air conditioning? It was enough to drive anyone crazy! I finally yelled at all of them that since I was the driver and I was hot natured, the temperature in the van was going to be set firmly at 69 degrees and the air conditioning was going to stay on. I said that if anyone was cold, they were welcome to use a blanket or to huddle together for warmth. After I yelled at them, they all gave each other funny looks and then they quieted down for the rest of the trip. I should’ve yelled at them about the air conditioning much earlier.

air duct sealing 

The air conditioning goes right out the window

I’ve been in the market for some new furniture lately because my giant dog Rufus ruined our old couch. Even though, technically, Rufus wasn’t even allowed on the furniture, he still considered himself to be a lap dog. This was funny because Rufus was a Saint Bernard who weighed almost 180 pounds! It was really no wonder that my couch was ruined. Rufus drooled like a waterhose. Anyway, every single furniture store that I’ve been in this week has had the same problem. All of them have been freezing inside! Granted, it has been hot out lately. It is the middle of summer, after all. But for some reason, the furniture stores around here seem to set their thermostats to Arctic Blast and just leave them that way. The first store I went to, I think the thermostat was probably set at 65 degrees. It was so cold in there that I didn’t even want to try out any of their couches! I just wanted to get back outside where it was warm! The second store I went to was no better. The temperature in there was probably colder than the first place! The air conditioning was just pouring through the ventilation ducts in the couch and sofa sections and I could actually feel the cold breeze blowing through my hair! I guess if I’m really going to get a new couch, I’m going to either have to learn to deal with overactive A/C or bring my winter coat into the supercooled furniture stores! I mean, a little bit of air conditioning goes a long way, if you ask me.


I was bothered

My best friend, Maggie, and I love anything that has to do with being out on the water. Boats, jet skis, canoes, and kayaks are among our favorites. Since both of us are single, we travel all over the glob finding the best places to be out on the water. Summertime is actually our busiest time at work, and we aren’t able to travel during that time. To hold us over until fall, Maggie and I take kayaking trips in the lakes near our home. Just about every weekend we travel to the lake, and we spend two days exploring in our kayaks. We find a place to camp along the shore and stay the night in the beautiful outdoors. I absolutely love the camping, but there is one thing that drives me insane. It’s very difficult to sleep when it’s so hot out. I am used to sleeping in a nice air conditioned room, but when you’re outside in the middle of the forest, there’s really no way to stay cool. One time, Maggie got so frustrated with the heat, that she bought a small generator to bring and plug her portable AC unit into. Of course, we couldn’t bring the AC and generator in a kayak, so we ended up renting a boat instead. We had a good time, and the tent was nice and cool that night, but it wasn’t something that we could do every weekend, and Maggie knew it. Since then, we have been in search for a cabin along the lake that we could rent, but we haven’t had any luck yet because none of them seem to have any sort of AC in them. Until we find one, I guess we will have to learn to live without our precious air conditioning.

portable HVAC 

I don’t mind this

I write children’s books and I am always looking for pictures to put in the books.  My latest book is a fantasy, and I have all kinds of dream scenes and elves, fairies, and winged creatures.  I was looking at the pictures I have gathered to send to my graphic artist, and I had to laugh. There is some sort of smog hanging out at the top of every mountain.  I had been talking about the fog we had in our kitchen, and it just struck me as funny. Our HVAC contractor told us that we needed to put in some kind of air purifier to get rid of the fog that hangs out and he said it would improve our air quality.  I wonder if an air purifier would get rid of the smog that hangs on top of Elf Mountain. A giant fan that pulls the bad air right away might improve the attitude of some of those elves. Maybe that’s all they need is some good air quality, instead of such poor air quality.  When the air quality is poor, I’m sure you don’t feel well, and when you don’t feel well, you are in a bad mood. The mood of some of my characters is quite foul, so maybe it’s because of the foul air. I could change the whole mood of the book if I were to put in a good air purifier and change the air quality from poor to good.  I don’t know if it would improve the book, but it could be interesting.