We have our own heater

Most people like to do Spring and Summer cleaning. As for me, I am one who does Winter cleaning! The reason for this is, I honestly hate the Summer where I live. The heat is so ridiculous that my heating and cooling system is running twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. This always causes my energy bills to be ridiculously high for nearly 6 months out of the year. My heating and cooling system isn’t very energy saving at all. But, one thing I do as part of my cleaning is the ductwork connected to my HVAC unit. After I start the usual regular house cleaning, I call my friendly local HVAC specialist. The heating and cooling company that I deal with has always been sending the same exact HVAC maintenance worker for the past three years. I’ve actually gotten to know this HVAC repair professional very well. I wouldn’t call him a pal or a friend, because we don’t hang out or anything. But, every year, when it comes time for the Winter ductwork cleaning of my HVAC system, we talk about a lot of things when he’s here working. Usually, we discuss music, movies and the latest in HVAC technology. It was from one of these conversations that I actually decided to get an HVAC upgrade. I had a whole-home humidifier installed as well as an air purification system. My friendly HVAC specialist is very smart in the field. They don’t call him an HVAC professional for nothing! I’m looking forward to doing my yearly ductwork cleaning and hang out and chat session with my HVAC specialist real soon! I’m sure it will be interesting yet again!

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