The smoke being moved by the HVAC

My mom called me the other day, ranting about this report that came out. Supposedly, it was about how Heating and A/C systems spread cigarette smoke with ease, making more people breathe in the smoke than we realize. My mom explained how these smoke particles are present especially in office buildings, which is why she called to “warn” me. Particles are moved around by the Heating as well as A/C systems in these offices, and forced air HVAC systems are the worst offenders. They spread the smoke particles much further than any other heating and A/C system! This smoke, my mom claims, could be around us all the time. “You need to be aware of not only the smoke from tobacco products, but coworkers that take smoke breaks!” She wasn’t wrong, to be honest. Even smoke residue from years passed can still affect your health. Scary, right? There’s not much to do about the Heating and A/C systems found in office buildings, or the smoke breaks taken by millions of people daily, but we can do something about our own Heating and A/C systems! That is the real reason my mom called: to ask for help in having an air purification system installed into her home. To be fair, she’s entitled to a smoke-free environment like the rest of us, so I had the air purification method installed at her home to help address the air quality of her home. Media air cleaners aren’t high-priced, and they help enhance the air quality with efficiency when used alongside a purifier! With better indoor air conditions, my mom can rest comfortably in her home!

HVAC unit

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