The house had no cooling

My grandparents always said they lived without A/C and did just fine for themselves. These days, that would be a much more challenging life to lead, especially living in the south. Thanks to A/C, the newer homes here are able to retain their cool interior in the face of rising Summer temperatures. I tend to adjust the control unit to a lower temperature control even when it’s not very hot, just because I prefer being cold. Still, I believe from experience that using the A/C in moderation can help save some cash! Choosing to not use the A/C is also a good way to cut energy costs, as long as the weather permits. Going back to my grandparents, I believe that they lived most of their lives up north, never having an A/C unit  in their home. Really, they had a better heating system than some folks have today, as their old home had two fireplaces and an old-fashioned boiler to provide warmth. That old boiler kept them hot and toasty during the harsh Winters! In fact, they hadn’t even heard of air conditioning until they moved down south to be close to their grandkids. When they moved here, my dad had me help out as he tinted the windows in his new home, and checked the windows for air leaks. The cool air from the A/C will go right out through those leaks, and waste all that energy! Those same leaks will allow hot air into the home, forcing the A/C to work harder to cool the home. With added insulation in the attic, the house was sure to retain the cold air much more effectively!

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