Putting in the air conditioner device

My sister works at a big university that has up to five thousand students on campus every day. Imagine trying to keep tabs on five thousand people! The setup of each floor of the school is pretty interesting, given how they cluster all the subjects into the same buildings. Sadly enough, the science-oriented classes are the only ones with air conditioning, since the building was constructed most recently. During the summertime, the science labs are the only comfortable place to be, while the rest of the school is unbearably hot. Her office is in the building dedicated to language arts, so in the summertime she’s often perspiring heavily. It feels as if our school decided to shut off the air conditioning for the entire Summer semester, except we knew the equipment just wasn’t there! The business studies building is the worst, because the building has no windows that can open to let a breeze in! Thankfully, the school president has acknowledged the issue and decided to put on a large fundraiser to fund the installation of air conditioning systems throughout the entire university! This is going to be a hefty financial investment, so she is asking all the people to participate in this fundraiser. Parents, professors, and university alumni are all encouraged to contribute. Hopefully, by next Summer, there will be enough currency between the funds collected and spare money in the budget, and the university will finally install air conditioning throughout the entire campus. This will make the students, professors, and staff much more comfortable, and the performance of all parties will skyrocket! Who knows, maybe this will also lead to some other improvements around campus.

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