My father and uncle have joined me

After my new home was completed, I had no idea how to decorate it.  The idea of choosing carpeting, draperies and furniture was overwhelming.  I spent a few days shopping the local furniture stores and wasn’t impressed.  The quality was not great, and I doubted these pieces would hold up to wear and tear.  Plus, I didn’t feel the various couches, chairs and tables represented the style I wanted.  I finally visited a local custom furniture shop, which offered complimentary interior design with a purchase.  I was able to consult with a design specialist, who helped me determine and target a specific style for the house.  Together, we realized I wanted a contemporary style, which would incorporate modern elements, but hopefully avoid a cold minimalistic feel.  I was hoping to create a space that would be sophisticated and simple, yet still comfortable for my family. The design specialists and I focused on clean lines and subtle texture, which would combine color, space and shape to achieve an overall look that is fresh and sleek.  Most of the patterns in the fabrics of the carpet, draperies and upholsteries feature geometric shapes, which is a nice backdrop for some bold accessories. Splashes of color, sophisticated furnishings, and some different textures allows the rooms feel wide open and yet welcoming.  Because the custom furniture shop handcrafted each piece of furniture, drapery, and throw pillow, every little detail is absolutely perfect. I was able to get specific and unusual sizes for tables, chairs, couches and even dressers and bed frames. I am so impressed with the quality and quick turnaround of the whole project.    

bronson sofa 

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