Gathering our things

I love to shop for unique and one of a kind items.  I rarely go to shopping centers or chain stores to purchase clothes, furniture or accessories.  I bought a charming older home last year that already had major restoration work completed. The roof was less than two years old, new hardwood floors had been installed that same year as well as a complete kitchen and bathroom remodel.  The garage was closed in and was now additional indoor space. I was walking into a sound investment. Of course, I wanted to add my own personal touch with some cosmetic changes. I planned to use the garage as an art studio. However, the previous owners had not installed a heating and air conditioning system in this area. My best friend owns his own HVAC business and came over to give me some options.  His recommendation based on cost, time and effectiveness was a ductless heating and air system. He explained that the ductless air conditioners don’t need the ductwork or much of the electrical work that other forms of air conditioning require. Also, you have less noise as well because the compressor is placed outside. Also the need for an internal evaporator unit with copper tubing to pump refrigerant into the blowers are eliminated with the ductless system. Traditional air conditioning units also require a lot more work to install.  The walls would need to be open to install the ductwork inside. The ductless system only needs to be mounted on the wall or hung from the ceiling. With the installation of the ductless heat and air conditioning system, my art studio will be the perfect temperature all year long.

ductless air conditioning 

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