Do you want a large sofa?

A friend of mine recently moved into her very own condo.  She was so proud of her new home, and she said she owned it.  I don’t get how you can own a condo, when it is basically an apartment.  She pays for the condo, and she pays the condo association to live there.  I just don’t understand how you can say you own an apartment. I’m not the one living there, she loves it, so I congratulated her.  I really was excited for her, and I did want to go see the house. I was walking around and I wasn’t being rude, but I asked if she was going to do any kind of interior design changes.  She was angry. She said she loved the design of the house. She told me that it was called Contemporary Condo. I apologized, but I guess, once again, I didn’t get it. I mean, the condo was nice, but Contemporary Condo didn’t look much different than the apartment furnishings I had in my first apartment.  That didn’t mean the place wasn’t pretty, because it was really nice. She told me I was snob and I left. I called her a couple days later, and I told her I had a present for her. She told me I could come over, and I had my gift wrapped up. I found throw pillows that were rich with color, and I knew they would go great with the Contemporary Condo she had.  (I even have a hard time saying that without laughing.) She loved the pillows, and we both laughed at the design name, and agreed she needed some color.

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