I rarely look at the system

When I plan family get togethers I’m always very conscious of the fact that my siblings are particular about their environment. I have two brothers who always insist on keeping the A/C running at full speed, so when we all rent a vacation home together, I have to keep this in mind. My sister and I are the opposite, meaning we would much prefer to be in a warmer environment. To satisfy everyone, I always find a rental house that has a zone controlled HVAC unit. This works really well because it allows my brothers to keep the air conditioner on in their rooms, and it keeps my sister and I from having to freeze to death. Before I learned about zone controlled A/Cs our vacations were always a battle over thermostats. Seriously, me and my sister would freeze to death in the evenings because our brothers would leave the thermostat on such a low setting. Now, we’re able to relax and spend time together without having to worry about something so petty. We don’t get to spend a lot of time together during the year, so getting rid of extra stressors like this so that we can just chill out and catch up really do make a difference. I love my siblings, and there’s no way that I would let a little thermostat war over the A/C come between us! A zone controlled HVAC unit was a great solution for our problem. Now we just have to figure out how to choose our restaurants so that everyone is happy with that choice too!

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