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We were suspicious about renovating a house at first. We were worried that the budget would get out of control, but at the same time we also couldn’t afford a move in ready home. It really turned out to be our only option to get into a fixer upper in order for us to get everything we wanted in the new house. We found a place that had amazing character, but it was hidden beneath years of horrible carpet, wallpaper, and other such things. To save even more money, we decided to do some of the work ourselves.

          Some things we just weren’t qualified to do. We knew we had to update the HVAC system, and we had negotiated the price of that into the overall purchase price of the home. We hired a local HVAC company to replace the system. When the heating and cooling specialist came out to start the project, the house was in total disarray. We had staining going on, we had wallpaper everywhere, and we had a ton of projects we were trying to get done while the HVAC installation was going on.

            I got the feeling that the heating and cooling specialist was not happy about the state of the rest of the house. He was trying to work, and granted he was in the basement, all the noise upstairs was probably very, very annoying. We were trying to be nice about it. We brought him a cold drink while we took a break from our work. That did seem to cheer him up a bit, but I think he was happy to leave.


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