Browse Month: May 2018

Servicing the air quality

I may be a bit of a cheapskate. I’m ready to admit it, and I don’t feel nearly as much shame as I thought I would. I want to live a nice life and everything, but I don’t like to spend money if it isn’t necessary. I will find thrifty solutions to my problems if it’s ever an option. For instance, I’ve always been obsessed with my home heating and cooling system. I have wanted to update it for at least 10 years now, but feel too guilty spending all of that cash to promote my own personal comfort. The biggest reason that I want to replace the heater and air conditioner, however, is that my current temperature control equipment is so inefficient. I know that I could save money over time by getting a more energy efficient and reliable HVAC method for my house. However, if I’m going to get a whole new ventilation system, I might as well get zone controlled heating at the same time! That way I could easily regulate the temperature in each room. I would only have to pump hot or cold air into the exact room I was occupying, rather than filling the entire volume of the house with treated air. That sounds great, but now we’re talking about some major expenses. I understand that I would save money on my electric bill over time, but the staggering investment is too much for me to handle. That’s why I’ve tried to come up with a new strategy for DIY zone controlled heating in my place. For the past two months I’ve been using heavy college textbooks to cover the air vents in empty rooms, forcing the air out through the open vents in my workroom. It works great… until you stub a toe.

indoor air quality 

I need more workspace

I’ve recently been following my oldest passion in life; creating arts and crafts all day long. I never thought I could actually make any money doing something that I loved so much, but in the past year or so I have turned a new leaf. I’ve decided to stop being scared of the potential for failure, and to jump headfirst into my a career I would actually enjoy. That’s why I’m currently investing in a new workspace for my art studio. I don’t need much; just four walls, a roof, and some lighting, in order to be happy. Well, all of that and some form of modern temperature control, too. It would be insane to try to work without any updated heating and air conditioning in my workshop, obviously. That’s why I’m looking deeply into connecting a new room to my current house. That way, I could walk straight out from the living room into my workspace without ever leaving the comfort of the indoor temperature control unit. I could simply extend my current centralized heating and cooling methods to service the new addition, as well. If we were able to run more ductwork into the workshop, it could easily become a part of the standing HVAC system without having to buy new equipment. I know that some people do not recommend trying to extend your heating and cooling equipment into larger areas because they can become inefficient to operate, but I don’t see what the big deal is. I might spend more money to run a struggling heating system and AC unit, but I’ll make up for it when I become a famous artist.

temperature control unit 

The start of my day

I think that there needs to be much more emphasis on work environments in the future. I feel like our culture is moving towards establishing more positive work experiences, but it could definitely pick up the pace. Is it really necessary for everyone to work in claustrophobic cubicles? Do we have to be at the office 9-5, when most of our business takes place 12-3? Should the office manager really have complete control over the office temperature control? Clearly the answer is no! I can tell you, in my last position I was always uncomfortable. It was crowded, loud, and poorly heated where I worked as an office specialist. Every day when I walked into the building, I was greeted with a rush of frigidly cold air. It didn’t matter whether we were experiencing winter or summer weather, the indoor air quality was sure to be reminiscent of an arctic tundra. I wore at least 3 layers of sweaters to work every single day, and kept a drawer full of spare hats, gloves, and socks in my desk. I often asked my workmates what they thought about the indoor temperature control settings, and they answered with a sad sigh as their breath crystallized in mid air. I honestly could never understand how our cubicles and conference rooms were so brutally cold, when the office manager wore skirts and short sleeves to work every day! Was she a machine? I got my answer one day as I walked past her office just as the door swung open. A blast of hot, humid air came flowing out and wonderfully surrounded my body. That’s the day I realized she had several electric heaters running behind closed doors.

air conditioning repair 

this is what you are missing out on

I started my own business when I was twenty one years old. I went to cosmetology school and I knew that I didn’t want to work for a big corporate salon. So, I worked really hard and saved up enough money to open up my own shop. I am so proud of the business I have built and hopefully one day I can pass down the business to my daughter. She is currently in cosmetology school and is working part time at the shop to help out with school. This also means that she is getting great experience and will have an upper hand with her classmates. I hope that she learning how to run the business by watching me everyday. There are many things you don’t think of when it comes to owning your own business. One of those things is scheduling regular HVAC maintenance. SInce it is my business I can’t afford to be out of work for a couple of days. I normally have a local HVAC company come out every couple of months just to make sure that everything is running smoothly. I have a contract with this particular HVAC company and they have been great to work with. I have introduced my daughter to the HVAC technicians and she is starting to make connections with them as well. I am trying to teach her things like the HVAC maintenance so she will know what to expect one day when she is calling the shots. But in any business HVAC maintenance is so important for air quality control on a daily basis.

Renting the house

I am in my last year of graduate school and I have to admit that I am over it. I started school when I was eighteen years old and now at twenty seven I am finally about to finish. I can’t wait for the day that I don’t have to go to work all day and then go to class at night. I really want to just be done, but I have put in a lot of work and I don’t plan on quitting until I finish my degree. After all my years in school, I have come to realize the importance of a proper study environment. I know this might seem like common sense to some people, but a great study environment can be the difference between an A and a B grade on an exam. I have found a great local coffee shop that is the perfect place for me to study. I like to go late at night when no one is around and spread my papers all over the table. I also know the importance of good air quality while I am studying. I know that if it is too hot or too cold then I won’t be able to get as much done as I would normally. That is why I am drawn to this coffee shop. Many people don’t even know it exists, but I am happy about that. The heating and cooling system is always set to the perfect temperature and I know that will never be uncomfortable with the HVAC temperature while studying here!

The best version of myself

I normally like to spend at least two hours at the gym everyday. I know that might seem like a really long time to be spending in the gym after working for eight hours during the day. However, I have gotten used to it and I really look forward to my workouts while I am at my day job. When I know that I am going to the gym it helps to keep me motivated while I am at my desk working. It honestly gives me something to look forward to. On my drive to the gym from work the cooling system in my car started to make some strange noises. I thought maybe it was road noise and didn’t think about the cooling system again. I had a great workout at the gym and when I left I was drenched with sweat. I was ready to get in my car and feel the air conditioner blasting on my skin. However, when I turned the knob for the air conditioning nothing happened. I did know what was going on but I bet it had something to do with the strange noise my cooling system was making earlier on my way to the gym. I was so annoyed and covered in sweat. I was now going to have to call a local HVAC company that specializes in make HVAC systems for cars. I knew that it was going to be an expensive fix and I was not looking forward to it one bit. Hopefully I can get it figured out this week!

fix my HVAC 

Having things serviced

I have to commute to work everyday and I am normally in the car about an hour everyday. I have tried listening to music to pass the time but that doesn’t seem to do the trick anymore. I have exhausted all genres of music and I still find myself bored while sitting in traffic for over two hours a day sometimes. I have asked asked around to my coworkers what they do in the car to help pass the time. Most of the people have not been helpful, but one on my coworkers had a great tip for me. She said that she has been listening to podcasts while she drives to work. She says there are podcasts out there on any subject you could imagine. Some of the podcasts are fictional stories while the other are kind of like a talk show. I thought this would be a great way for me to pass the time while I am driving and I was excited to give it a shot. I started to look up some podcasts and saw one that was about “Things you should know”. I thought this would be an interesting place to start on my podcast journey. I found one that was talking about the HVAC system inside a home. There are many ways to service your HVAC system without having to call a HVAC company. You can make sure that you are changing out your air conditioner filter so that debris isn’t getting trapped and clogging up your HVAC system. I am excited to learn even more about my HVAC system!


My projects

On my desk is a note that is supposed to remind me to call and schedule an HVAC inspection. Last year, I made a vow to do this every spring from now on because of the mishap I had with my A/C. It was the middle of July, and I was getting ready to have all of my friends and neighbors over for a barbecue. The event had been planned for a month, so we were all eager for the date. However, I woke up that morning to find that my air conditioner wouldn’t switch on. After toying with the thermostat for a few minutes, I realized that there was no way that it was going to switch the cooling system on. So, my only option was to call the HVAC technician and wait. When I was told that they wouldn’t be able to get the the repair for three days, I was shocked! I had no idea that the wait times could be so long. It was because it was peak season, and the heat had led to a number of people around town to have major A/C issues as well. I ended up having to improvise with my party. There would be no inside eating area for anyone to use because without the A/C the house would be too uncomfortable to enjoy. I ended up using a couple of huge umbrellas and putting them over some tables in the backyard so that people could sit out there and enjoy their food. While this worked out relatively well, I was still bummed that things didn’t go quite as planned. That’s when I vowed to have the A/C inspected in the spring season from there on out.

HVAC installer 

Air filters and changes

When I was house hunting a few years ago I really wanted a fixer-upper. Remodeling an old house was on my bucket list, and I was in the perfect position to do it. I looked at a lot of places, and I ended up choosing an old victorian house in a historic neighborhood. I was so excited, but the house definitely came with its share of issues. One thing I had to deal with quickly was the mold problem in the house. The house had not been lived in in a while, and I live in an area that experiences some pretty bad humidity. Without an A/C running most of the time, the house got some serious mold damage, so I had to hire a professional to come out and clean the entire property. After that, I replaced the cooling system and made sure that the doors and windows were sealed really well. I did this because I wanted to make sure that I was getting the most out of the A/C. Finally, to keep from having more mold issues in the future, I went to a local hardware store and bought a couple of dehumidifiers. I did this to keep the moisture in the house at a minimum. After doing all of those things, I felt free to move forward with other renovations. Now, I have a really great modern home with a lot of historic character. I love living in this house, and I haven’t had any issues with mold since I added the dehumidifiers. Turns out those were just what the place needed.

indoor comfort 

Im very happy

After college, I left my hometown and moved to a big city.  I was so excited for the change and was expecting some exciting adventures along the way! It was only a three hour move, but it felt like I was finally going to be an adult and have some freedom!  The weather in my hometown is pretty mild. We experience standard winter and summer weather. When I moved to the city, I expected the same weather, but I was sadly wrong. The weather was so much warmer in the city! I couldn’t understand why it would be so much warmer when I was only three hours away from my hometown.  After a short time, I understood why I was experiencing such warm weather. The city is very crowded with tall skyscrapers. Additionally, the entire city is paved with cement. These materials used to build the skyscrapers and the pavement trap heat. This heat builds up and keeps the city much warmer. Because of this, I had to be very attentive to my cooling unit.  I regularly do a routine check up to ensure that is is in working condition before the summer weather begins. I’ve even convinced my landlord to upgrade to a more efficient model of the air conditioning unit. He recently installed a smart thermostat, which allows me to turn on the cooling unit when I’m away from my home. This way, I always come home to a cool apartment.  This has been a life saver! Moving to the city has been challenging, but I have definitely grown to love it.

cooling equipment