What happened to the heater

Last night we went to a restaurant in my hometown. Every Wednesday, they have a big buffet with all kinds of pizza, salad, homemade salad dressings, pasta, soup, and breadsticks. It’s my absolute favorite place to go to eat. The one problem that I have with the place is that sometimes it’s impossible to hear the person you’re trying to have a meal with. It’s not that the place is that crowded or anything, usually. The issue is with the loud HVAC system. Whenever the heating comes on in the winter or when the air conditioning kicks on in the summer, the problem is always the same. The heated or cooled air comes rushing into the big dining area through the ventilation ducts in the ceiling. The vented air is so loud that you wouldn’t believe it. It’s loud enough that you can barely even hear yourself think, much less carry on a conversation with dinner companion. Since I’m a regular customer there, I know most of the employees. Last night I talked to the assistant manager, Kip. I asked him (well, I more or less had to yell the question at him, since the A/C was on and running so loud!) what the issue is with the loud HVAC unit. He said that the heating and air conditioning system has been on the blink for the last couple of months and that they are trying to decide if it’s worth the cost to replace it. At least that’s what I think he said! I could barely hear him over the roar of the air conditioning!  

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