This is a great plan

Sometimes you look back in hindsight, and can only thank the universe for the way things worked out. That’s exactly how I’m feeling about the house I recently almost bought, which luckily fell through. At the time I was desperate to purchase this home and it nearly broke me when I didn’t successfully secure the house for myself. It was only a few weeks later that I suddenly felt vindicated for my failure when the new owners posted a long rant online about the deplorable HVAC system they accidentally inherited! Now, any terrible heating and cooling system is a tough break when you’ve just shelled out 200k for a house.

             It’s a true pain the butt to have an old furnace replaced, a new AC unit installed, or faulty thermostat connections repaired… however, all of these HVAC issues sound like minor inconveniences compared to what these poor folks wound up with. Apparently they had moved into the new house, feeling extremely excited for the new life they were creating. A day or two into the move, however, they began to realize that the AC unit really had a tough time keeping up with the hot and humid outdoor air. Though the cooling system was running on full blast, they barely even noticed any cool air passing through the air vents.

           At first, they figured that the AC just needed a routine tune up from a professional HVAC technician. When their cooling expert arrived and inspected the AC unit, however, he realized there was nothing wrong with the actual machinery. The problem was hidden in the house, deep in the walls where the air ducts were filled with the destruction and filth left behind by generations of raccoons. This tale gave me good reason to worry about the non-disclosure agreement.

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