It’s very warm in the bedroom

Every Sunday, I go to church with my family and friends.  This has been our routine since I was a child. My earliest memories include going to mass with my parents and feeling very bored.  As a child, I didn’t understand why I was there. I also remember sitting in church in the summertime and sweating very badly. Our church could never afford air conditioning.  All it had was a few ceiling fans that really did not help combat the heat. The building was always filled with many people, so the body heat made it even worse. I struggled to pay attention back then. When I was very small, I often cried because of how hot and bored I was.  Now, I face the same problem. My family and I still go to the same church and the building hasn’t changed much. It still has the same large crowd and same priest. We still have the same ceiling fans too. After all of these years, I would expect that the church could save money to install a cooling system, but they still have not done this.  I wonder if the priest realizes how hot it gets in the crowded church pews. Just like when I was a child, I struggle to focus during these summertime masses. Hopefully one day, the church will find the funds to install a cooling system. I don’t expect my family to change churches, so I can only pray that they fix this problem. Otherwise, it is very difficult to attend Sunday mass in this unbearable heat.


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