Informing my parents

After college graduation, I moved away to a big city.  I spent a few months interviewing for jobs and eventually, I landed the perfect job at a wonderful school.  Next, I spent a few weeks searching for the right apartment. It was a tedious process, but, luckily, I had my dad there to help me find the right place for me.  He was far more experienced in this sort of thing than I was, so he knew exactly what we should look out for in our search. For example, I didn’t realize how important a heating and cooling system was when it came to saving money on monthly utility bills.  My dad told me that inefficient heating systems are usually run on electricity rather than gas. He told me to steer clear of these systems. This caused us to pass on a few apartments that I liked, but I trusted my dad. Eventually, after viewing so many places, we found the right one.  This place had a major HVAC update, so it had a smart thermostat. I had never even heard of smart thermostats before viewing this apartment. Apparently, this is the most efficient option out there. It is also very convenient because it allows me to adjust the temperature of my apartment from my phone.  All it requires is connection to Wi-Fi. Although the apartment hunt was a long process, it was well worth the wait. I am so glad that I had my dad to help steer me in the right direction. Now, I have an amazing apartment with a wonderful HVAC system.

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