I hope I get home soon

My wife and I were always interested in starting our own business. Something I thought would be a great industry to get involved in was the HVAC industry. When I talked to my wife about that, she agreed. We had a substantial amount of money saved up over the years and she had just come into her inheritance as well. We had plenty of money to get a great business going but we just had to do everything the right way. If we were going to get into the HVAC industry, we would have to attend a trade school and learn the ways of the business. We didn’t want to just simply run the business, we wanted to know all the ins and outs of it and work hard. So we attended this highly reputable trade school. It took us about 6 challenging months to finally graduate and become certified HVAC technicians. We had plenty of hands on training and everything. Now we just needed to get some more hands on experience with an HVAC company. That’s exactly what we did and it was quite the experience. We were actually pretty good at this type of work and we worked together. I know for a fact that many couples wouldn’t be able to make this work, but we have always been really close and rarely ever fight. The HVAC company we were working for wished for us to stay and work with them after a year of work, but we were ready to start our own business! We bought a really nice workshop and set it up for our needs. Before we knew it, we were hiring HVAC technicians and taking housecalls!

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