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It was one of the hottest summers on record and I failed to get our A/C tuned up in the spring. After a little while, that’s when the inevitable happened, the A/C broke down! It was such a nightmare for the family, and it was all my fault. It looked like I was going for worst dad of the year… I tried to fix the situation by calling around to various HVAC companies, but they were all booked for several weeks. I tried all the stores in the area and I had no luck finding any A/C units anywhere. My son said I should try purchasing some window A/C units online and have them shipped overnight. I never would have thought of that, and it was certainly better than waiting for weeks in the terrible heat. My son helped me find some great deals online, and we found these really great window A/C units for sale. Since they were such a great price, we purchased 3 of them. They would be shipped overnight, so we still had to wait around in the heat. In the meantime, I decided to look around in the attic to see what I could find up there. I found this old box with a bunch of dust on it. When I wiped the dust away, I seen that it said window A/C unit on it. I must have put that there about a decade ago! I didn’t know how well it would work but it was something at least! I installed it right away into our family room and adjusted the thermostat on it. Right away, refreshing cool air came pouring from the ancient unit and we all just hung around the A/C so we could cool off. It was such a relief but we couldn’t wait for the current A/C units to show up the next day.

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