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My sister called me yesterday morning to tell me that she’s getting married. I couldn’t believe it, because she’s always vowed and declared that she will never ever tie the knot. When I asked her who the lucky guy was, she surprised me by saying that she met him when he was servicing the furnace system at her house. He was a professional HVAC maintenance technician and it just so happened that he owned his own heating and plumbing business in the city where she lives. He doesn’t usually go out on maintenance calls himself anymore since he has so many other people working for him. Well, on this particular day, he had three different furnace maintenance guys who were out with the flu and so he had to go to my sister’s emergency furnace maintenance call himself. He said that the minute he walked into her freezing cold house, he knew that she was the woman for him. My sister said that she got a real bargain on her furnace service, because he told her that if she’d have dinner with him, then his labor was free! She said that it was a deal she couldn’t turn down, especially since she thought he was really cute in his little blue HVAC service maintenance uniform. I’m very excited for her! It sounds like this guy is a very hard worker who knows what he’s doing with work and with his business. I hope that he is very successful with his HVAC company and with his relationship with my sister!

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