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This is a great plan

Sometimes you look back in hindsight, and can only thank the universe for the way things worked out. That’s exactly how I’m feeling about the house I recently almost bought, which luckily fell through. At the time I was desperate to purchase this home and it nearly broke me when I didn’t successfully secure the house for myself. It was only a few weeks later that I suddenly felt vindicated for my failure when the new owners posted a long rant online about the deplorable HVAC system they accidentally inherited! Now, any terrible heating and cooling system is a tough break when you’ve just shelled out 200k for a house.

             It’s a true pain the butt to have an old furnace replaced, a new AC unit installed, or faulty thermostat connections repaired… however, all of these HVAC issues sound like minor inconveniences compared to what these poor folks wound up with. Apparently they had moved into the new house, feeling extremely excited for the new life they were creating. A day or two into the move, however, they began to realize that the AC unit really had a tough time keeping up with the hot and humid outdoor air. Though the cooling system was running on full blast, they barely even noticed any cool air passing through the air vents.

           At first, they figured that the AC just needed a routine tune up from a professional HVAC technician. When their cooling expert arrived and inspected the AC unit, however, he realized there was nothing wrong with the actual machinery. The problem was hidden in the house, deep in the walls where the air ducts were filled with the destruction and filth left behind by generations of raccoons. This tale gave me good reason to worry about the non-disclosure agreement.

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Here are my tips

It was one of the hottest summers on record and I failed to get our A/C tuned up in the spring. After a little while, that’s when the inevitable happened, the A/C broke down! It was such a nightmare for the family, and it was all my fault. It looked like I was going for worst dad of the year… I tried to fix the situation by calling around to various HVAC companies, but they were all booked for several weeks. I tried all the stores in the area and I had no luck finding any A/C units anywhere. My son said I should try purchasing some window A/C units online and have them shipped overnight. I never would have thought of that, and it was certainly better than waiting for weeks in the terrible heat. My son helped me find some great deals online, and we found these really great window A/C units for sale. Since they were such a great price, we purchased 3 of them. They would be shipped overnight, so we still had to wait around in the heat. In the meantime, I decided to look around in the attic to see what I could find up there. I found this old box with a bunch of dust on it. When I wiped the dust away, I seen that it said window A/C unit on it. I must have put that there about a decade ago! I didn’t know how well it would work but it was something at least! I installed it right away into our family room and adjusted the thermostat on it. Right away, refreshing cool air came pouring from the ancient unit and we all just hung around the A/C so we could cool off. It was such a relief but we couldn’t wait for the current A/C units to show up the next day.

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I hope I get home soon

My wife and I were always interested in starting our own business. Something I thought would be a great industry to get involved in was the HVAC industry. When I talked to my wife about that, she agreed. We had a substantial amount of money saved up over the years and she had just come into her inheritance as well. We had plenty of money to get a great business going but we just had to do everything the right way. If we were going to get into the HVAC industry, we would have to attend a trade school and learn the ways of the business. We didn’t want to just simply run the business, we wanted to know all the ins and outs of it and work hard. So we attended this highly reputable trade school. It took us about 6 challenging months to finally graduate and become certified HVAC technicians. We had plenty of hands on training and everything. Now we just needed to get some more hands on experience with an HVAC company. That’s exactly what we did and it was quite the experience. We were actually pretty good at this type of work and we worked together. I know for a fact that many couples wouldn’t be able to make this work, but we have always been really close and rarely ever fight. The HVAC company we were working for wished for us to stay and work with them after a year of work, but we were ready to start our own business! We bought a really nice workshop and set it up for our needs. Before we knew it, we were hiring HVAC technicians and taking housecalls!

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It’s very warm in the bedroom

Every Sunday, I go to church with my family and friends.  This has been our routine since I was a child. My earliest memories include going to mass with my parents and feeling very bored.  As a child, I didn’t understand why I was there. I also remember sitting in church in the summertime and sweating very badly. Our church could never afford air conditioning.  All it had was a few ceiling fans that really did not help combat the heat. The building was always filled with many people, so the body heat made it even worse. I struggled to pay attention back then. When I was very small, I often cried because of how hot and bored I was.  Now, I face the same problem. My family and I still go to the same church and the building hasn’t changed much. It still has the same large crowd and same priest. We still have the same ceiling fans too. After all of these years, I would expect that the church could save money to install a cooling system, but they still have not done this.  I wonder if the priest realizes how hot it gets in the crowded church pews. Just like when I was a child, I struggle to focus during these summertime masses. Hopefully one day, the church will find the funds to install a cooling system. I don’t expect my family to change churches, so I can only pray that they fix this problem. Otherwise, it is very difficult to attend Sunday mass in this unbearable heat.


Informing my parents

After college graduation, I moved away to a big city.  I spent a few months interviewing for jobs and eventually, I landed the perfect job at a wonderful school.  Next, I spent a few weeks searching for the right apartment. It was a tedious process, but, luckily, I had my dad there to help me find the right place for me.  He was far more experienced in this sort of thing than I was, so he knew exactly what we should look out for in our search. For example, I didn’t realize how important a heating and cooling system was when it came to saving money on monthly utility bills.  My dad told me that inefficient heating systems are usually run on electricity rather than gas. He told me to steer clear of these systems. This caused us to pass on a few apartments that I liked, but I trusted my dad. Eventually, after viewing so many places, we found the right one.  This place had a major HVAC update, so it had a smart thermostat. I had never even heard of smart thermostats before viewing this apartment. Apparently, this is the most efficient option out there. It is also very convenient because it allows me to adjust the temperature of my apartment from my phone.  All it requires is connection to Wi-Fi. Although the apartment hunt was a long process, it was well worth the wait. I am so glad that I had my dad to help steer me in the right direction. Now, I have an amazing apartment with a wonderful HVAC system.

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This gentleman is skilled

My boyfriend has such an interesting work life. He is a percussion professor, and teaches advanced lessons at institutions all over the city. Most of the places he works are pretty swanky private schools, and he’s compensated very well for his time with these upper class children. The strange part is, even with the enormous operating budgets at these private institutions, the art programs are largely defunded. One of the schools he works for spends millions of dollars every year in cultural programming efforts, but for some reason, my boyfriend is teaching his lessons out of a trailer on the school grounds. Not only is this depressing, but it’s incredibly uncomfortable for him and his students. You see, at best, these little trailers are equipped with a single window AC unit. They are small, and there isn’t a huge volume of air to treat, yet the cooling units struggle to keep up with the temperature demand. There are two reasons for this. First of all, the trailer is a tiny metal box, collecting all the heat and humidity of Atlanta and trapping it in a sardine can. The sun constantly pounding down onto the metal room certainly increases the indoor air temperature and creates a convection oven all afternoon long. Secondly, the window AC units themselves are quite old and poorly maintained. My boyfriend thinks that the air filters have never been changed out, so he’s been bringing in his own air filters to perform the routine service himself. He also thinks the freon needs to be recharged, but he’s not tackling that task. I’m just blown away by the fact that parents pay $150 an hour for lessons, but the kids don’t get a comfortable learning space or a real HVAC system.

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This is what we’re looking for

I’m about to talk about something we all hate. Doctor’s offices. Why are medical offices the least pleasant places on earth? It makes no sense to me that they seem to be purposely uncomfortable, to the maximum degree. It seems obvious that if you’re visiting a doctor in the first place, you probably already aren’t doing your best. Why, then, do they make the waiting room cold, dry, and silent? Why are examination rooms hard, fluorescent, and freezing cold? I’ve heard the theory before that the environment is created to establish a sense of sterilization and safety, and supposedly the cold indoor air is used to reduce bacterial growth. I’m not certain how effective this measure is for controlling air quality and airborne contamination. Bacteria can grow in an immense range of temperatures and environmental conditions, and there are undoubtedly plenty of strains floating through the air that don’t mind the 60 degree thermostat setting. If we’re talking about other sources of illness and airborne contamination, don’t even get me started on mold spores and viruses. They are highly resistant to temperature challenges, and are largely unaffected by these air temperature strategies. I would argue that these tiny friends are more dangerous than bacteria, as well as being too tiny to catch with traditional AC and furnace air filters. That’s why I recommended to my doctor’s office that they invest in a media air cleaner system as soon as possible. With proper HVAC equipment, they can actually filter tiny microbial contaminants from the indoor air, providing their clients and staff with superior air quality and continued health. Despite my working history in cellular biology, the doctor was not grateful for my suggestion.

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Air conditioning in the church

Once in a while we go to a little town in the mountains in the southern part of the country. My favorite thing about this place is how the whole town smells like fresh air, wood smoke, caramel apples, and funnel cakes. I love it there. You can rent awesome little cabins up in the hills and even though the cabins are furnished and outfitted with state of the art HVAC systems, we always prefer to use the fireplaces and wood stoves for heating instead of the furnace systems that they provide. It just gives the place a more rustic feel and it makes it seem like we’re really “roughing it” out in the woods instead of in a fancy cabin a mile from town. Last time we visited, it was in the middle of winter and it was super cold. There was even a little bit of snow on the ground. We loved chopping firewood and bringing it inside to burn in the wood burning stove and in the fireplace. A couple of times I was tempted to go over to the digital thermostat to just click the on button and raise the temperature in the house a few degrees, but my husband was adamant that he wanted to be a mountain man. He wanted to keep his woman warm with nothing but an axe and some firewood. I laughed and told him that was fine, but if the weather got any colder, his woman was going to be turning on the oil furnace and sitting by the heating vents.

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What happened to the heater

Last night we went to a restaurant in my hometown. Every Wednesday, they have a big buffet with all kinds of pizza, salad, homemade salad dressings, pasta, soup, and breadsticks. It’s my absolute favorite place to go to eat. The one problem that I have with the place is that sometimes it’s impossible to hear the person you’re trying to have a meal with. It’s not that the place is that crowded or anything, usually. The issue is with the loud HVAC system. Whenever the heating comes on in the winter or when the air conditioning kicks on in the summer, the problem is always the same. The heated or cooled air comes rushing into the big dining area through the ventilation ducts in the ceiling. The vented air is so loud that you wouldn’t believe it. It’s loud enough that you can barely even hear yourself think, much less carry on a conversation with dinner companion. Since I’m a regular customer there, I know most of the employees. Last night I talked to the assistant manager, Kip. I asked him (well, I more or less had to yell the question at him, since the A/C was on and running so loud!) what the issue is with the loud HVAC unit. He said that the heating and air conditioning system has been on the blink for the last couple of months and that they are trying to decide if it’s worth the cost to replace it. At least that’s what I think he said! I could barely hear him over the roar of the air conditioning!  

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Furnace facts

My sister called me yesterday morning to tell me that she’s getting married. I couldn’t believe it, because she’s always vowed and declared that she will never ever tie the knot. When I asked her who the lucky guy was, she surprised me by saying that she met him when he was servicing the furnace system at her house. He was a professional HVAC maintenance technician and it just so happened that he owned his own heating and plumbing business in the city where she lives. He doesn’t usually go out on maintenance calls himself anymore since he has so many other people working for him. Well, on this particular day, he had three different furnace maintenance guys who were out with the flu and so he had to go to my sister’s emergency furnace maintenance call himself. He said that the minute he walked into her freezing cold house, he knew that she was the woman for him. My sister said that she got a real bargain on her furnace service, because he told her that if she’d have dinner with him, then his labor was free! She said that it was a deal she couldn’t turn down, especially since she thought he was really cute in his little blue HVAC service maintenance uniform. I’m very excited for her! It sounds like this guy is a very hard worker who knows what he’s doing with work and with his business. I hope that he is very successful with his HVAC company and with his relationship with my sister!

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