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The best room in our home

The summertime time seems to be the most popular season for many people. This is especially true if you hate the cold weather changes and have to live in a Winter season state that is brutal on your psyche. However, the summertime time where I live can truly produce some intense weather changes of its own that can be challenging. I currently live by myself and I have grown to found it truly hard to keep comfortable during the summertime. Unfortunately, my place doesn’t have a cooling unit in it, but I already knew this before moving in late Fall when the heat had not presented itself. For the price, it seemed passable, however now when I consider more about it as the season rolled around, I’m not quite sure! Knowing that my place was equipped with an efficient cooling equipment meant that I would greatly suffer once the summertime rolled around with incredible temperatures. As the outdoor temperatures started to rise quickly, so did my anxiety for what was to come to my house. And of course, I was totally right on target! My first summertime was genuinely daunting that it forced myself and others to purchase cooling fans for all areas of the house. I had hope that they would generate some cool air inside of my apartment, however surprisingly enough it did nothing to tame the heat. Honestly, they truly didn’t help myself and others much. The little air that was coming in was blowing around a tepid air, making my place even hotter than before and nos just stuffy. When I had no work, nothing to do with family or friends, as well no place to go was when I would be spending my mornings inside dripping with sweat my butt off losing weight in a sauna of sorts. I have been told time over time by my father to get a portable cooling equipment for my windows instead what I was doing, however the thought of spending my currency was torturing to me and my budget. I just got a modern microwave along with a few dining room utensils that are not cheap to say the least for my low income. So, I truly couldn’t truly afford to buy a modern window cooling unit that he suggested. Maybe I’ll beginning savings just for the modern cooling unit, however I’m not sure how committed I am to do so just yet.

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The worst part of the day

I recently moved into my new apartment just over a month ago easily. I will say that there are a few things that I absolutely adore about it. I like that my place is absolutely cheap to rent on a month to month basis, which has kept a little more currency in my coin purse as well as makes shopping not so much of a guilty thing. It is located in a prime location for my routine., just a few blocks away from work, so getting there is no sweat for me in the afternoons; This is especially true during the hot summertime when I’m able to walk as well as can get in a little exercise to burn down that season winter weight gain. It is small on the inside, however, which is the perfect size for me. Really, I am not known to consume much space. Also, there are a lot of storage areas for me to place all of my college books, old project papers, as well as other miscellaneous things in that I have acquired. The only thing I dislike about my apartment are the radiators. There are located in each main room, the powder room, my living room, as well as our family room. For how loud these things are when turned on, you’d guess that a single would be just enough for the entire place. But, then during the wintertime, they get even louder at night as well as terrify me at times from all of the hissing noises that can go on. The only positive is the fact that they do keep my place very warm. Though,  it seems they are really working overtime with all of the noise that goes on. I absolutely wish that they were more quiet so that my sleep isn’t disturbed as well as I can get a full month of fantastic rest that I need. I guess you can’t get everything you want!

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Space heater technology

This week I chose to study an article about my hometown. I think that it happened a long time ago, sometime in the late 1710’s. While, there was a guy who lived up the river and was sort of a brilliant, innovator of chemistry it was said. Naturally, back then, there was not a whole lot known about the chemicals he was experimenting with each day in the lab. He had to be undoubtedly secretive about his work as he did it, since at that time, in rural communities especially this sort of experimenting could be deemed witchcraft or taboo alchemy of sorts. Anyway, this gentleman would often dispose of his excess chemicals by dumping them in the river at the same time. Having grown up down the road, I get the notion that my success as a temperature control maintenance tech has some kind of ties to this early chemist it is being learned. This may sound nuts, but HVAC maintenance and maintenance was not a likely line of work for our area. In general, average heating and cooling companies always went out of business, as many simply used their fireplaces for heating and enjoyed the mild warm seasons on their back porches. Those who did buy current temperature control systems for their houses, simply bought from neighborhood retailers for better deals by the sale. When their HVAC systems would cut down in the worst way, they would then be more likely to fix it themselves. My heating and cooling maintenance contractor really has stood the test of time. I’ll admit, my temperature control repairs are a surprise to none, although I think it was the seasoned chemist who gave me superhuman HVAC abilities. It must be the chemicals in the water, but every time I fix somebody’s heating system or air conditioner, they always invite me back to do it again since I did such a great job.

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I tweaked my ankle

If you prefer pina coladas as a cocktail, then you just might be my soulmate. Honestly, I really think that there is nothing greater than that nice cold citrusy, boozy mixture when it is beaming hot. Though, granted, I do live in a tropical paradise to warrant it. So, it is kind of a necessary beverage. I most especially love them during sunsets. The silhouette of a palm tree, slightly washed in a backdrop of green in addition to pink is just about the closest thing that I have ever had to a religious food experience of sorts.  And, seriously, add a pina colada to that mix in addition to now both of us are talking about non-stop. I assume I might get my love for these classic refreshers from my big sister; she was a pretty big fan as well. On that same token, I think that I could trace my love for climate control back to her around the same time. When I was a kid, my mother would always share with myself and others my little temperature control remote control. Our beach house was legitimately easily the first in our neighborhood that had Heating, Ventilation and A/C zone control set up in the house. This allowed me I to be able to customize in addition to tweak everything in my entire house from the humidity to heating in addition to cooling as well. I am sure that you have woken up in the middle of the night, thinking as if the cooling system legitimately needs to kick on sooner than later! Well, even back when I was a kid, personalized indoor air pollen levels was consistently right at my fingertips at that point. Though, nowadays, things are still the same, really. I still have Heating, Ventilation and A/C zone control in my new beach. I still absolutely love to I watch the sunset in addition to sip my pina colada from my air conditioned family room couch. Nothing legitimately tops that feeling in addition to I have my parents to thank!

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A work permit

Last year, I searched high and low for a summer seasonal work to earn money in my time off from school. I wanted to make some extra money before the next year started. Almost everything was geared towards high school kids, and thus, was minimum wage that did me no good with college tuition. Finally, I located a task now working for a local horse farm. I had never done farm work before, although I liked now working with my hands all f the time and I know hard labor. I figured that I would be ok. I showed up for my first day of work in a neat polo with my hair in a neat updo which didn’t last long. By the end of that first day, I was covered in dirt, as well my hair had fallen down and been wrestled into an unruly ponytail. I went straight to my car after work to blast on the cold air conditioning full blast. I enjoyed the work, however there was no air conditioning someplace in the barn, and the intense heat was simply unbearable. The next day, I was much less neat, although I had brought more than one extra bottles of water and a hat. Even without the air conditioning, I survived a little better, although I still was ready to get back to the air conditioning in my car and in my house at the end of the day. This year, as summer season approaches, I am again looking for work. In contrast to last year, I have some requirements now before I choose. I will only work anywhere that has air conditioning. Working outdoors in the middle of summer season in the deep South without air conditioning is just not right for me! I would rather make less money than suffer through another summer season without air conditioning!

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There are multiple factors here

While out on a walk this week I realized something that I didn’t put as much thought towards before that maybe I should have done.  What if, while I was away from home on work or vacation, all of us had a certainly terrible storm. I would have no way of knowing if everything was ok back at the house.  If there was a power outage as well as it was during the Winter season, my pipes could freeze and burst. I hate to think of everything in my cabin could be disfigured, as well as I would come cabin to a mess to clean up.  In the summer season, it wouldn’t be so bad, at least then, I wouldn’t have to worry about the pipes at all. It may be like a spa sauna in my house for a time, but, I wouldn’t have that mess to deal with. I also worry about the fact that trees may come down in a thunderstorm as well as mangle the outside device for my Heating as well as A/C system that I have no control over as well.  I would need to have it updated as well as who knows if insurance would cover that in the end. There are so numerous factors to consider that need to be assessed as a homeowner. My Heating as well as A/C device is actually my greatest worry. I have invested so much money into it as well as I want to make sure that it works for a long time to come to get its core value. I make sure to have it inspected twice a year so that it runs at top performance.  As I sit here, wondering about all of these different troubles I can hear the thunder in the distance far off. At least I am home now to address problems if something does happen in the future! I absolutely care enough to listen to the rain hitting the roof but I don’t care about listening to the sound of the wind as well as the cracking branches threatening my HVAC. Hopefully the storm will pass suddenly.

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This is a great feature

After I graduated from school my boyfriend and I knew that we were going to try to start our own business. However, before we could do that, I wanted to get a few years of experience with managing people first. I took a management task at a local sales corporation, in addition to I ended up honestly working there for numerous years as I ended up really enjoying it and had learned a lot. After completing that stint, I had saved enough money to get a small business off the ground with my boyfriend. When I found a building to start our own business in, all I needed to was make a few changes in order to get it off the ground. The biggest thing I had to do was make sure that the area had a current heating in addition to cooling system. The seasoned unit in the building was on its last leg and why we could afford it. I, in no way, wanted our employees to have to know about whether or not the Heating in addition to Air Conditioning unit was going to be in good shape, in addition to that’s why I wanted to get this done before every one of us opened for business at the start of the year. I decided to go with a zone controlled Heating in addition to Air Conditioning unit so that each office could be set to a odd temperature. I knew that this would be a great thing to do because it would allow our employees to keep their offices as comfortable as possible for their taste. I sure could have used this feature in our previous position! Anyway, after that, the building was ready, in addition to every one of us opened up! Everyone loved the space, in addition to every one of us began hitting our goals after just a few weeks, thankfully. I’m so blissful I worked into our own business because I enjoy not having to answer to anyone.

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I don’t think we need the thermostat anymore

When I was in grad school, I had chosen to live in an apartment complex with many roommates rather than on campus housing. Really, for the most part, all of us got along easily well most of the time. Yet, there were some days when all of us also butt heads over how to set the temperature control unit on the wall.  I was consistently in favor of turning the A/C off if neither of us didn’t need it. Though, my roommates, on the other, were consistently leaving the A/C carelessly on when they would leave for class. I thought this was highly wasteful, and it consistently lead to us having some power bills that were unnecessarily high and scary. And when I would try to talk to them about setting the temperature control at a single temperature and leaving it there in place, they would consistently appease me. However, the undoubtedly next day, it would seem that they had forgotten about our little talks. Seriously, this would drive myself and others nuts because I would have to come home and turn the temperature control down and deal with the additional fees. When our lease ended and both of us were all set to graduate and get real jobs, I was easily gleeful to finally be moving into my own venue where I had total control of my AC. While I was glad to have my own venue, I was equally as glad to not have to share the A/C or roommate issues any longer. I assume this sounds like an insane reason to transfer away from roommates, but I just had to stop the crazy Heating and Air Conditioning unit battles or I was going to lose it.  Honestly, college was fun, but I’m beyond ecstatic that it’s now in the past and onward to adulthood. I hope that I never have to live with roommates again because I easily take delight having my space and the ability to change the temperature control to whatever I want.

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Everything is working perfectly

When I decided to open our own little diverse and community sponsored library a couple of years ago, I had to search for the perfect venue to use that will allow all the guidelines we needed to follow. I looked at current storefronts, strip malls, as well as tons of other locations. However, I ultimately decided that I wanted to use an old warehouse section of the town that I found. I thought it was a good system because I wanted plenty of room to host events such as readings and youth oriented events as well. The warehouse was sizable, but it definitely needed some serious work. The first thing I had to do was make sure the venue was well-insulated so that I could get a powerful cooling system installed immediately Until I was able to get a cooling program in there, I knew that there was no way I could get started on the interior design with the amount of work that needed to be taken care of. The warehouse got sizzling easily, while it was warm season when I bought it and knew this could be a problem. That’s why I prioritized getting the cooling program squared away. After I knew that I had a way to stay cool, I was able to put our efforts into updating the floors, next up installing some good bookshelves and then bringing supply in. I even constructed a stage out of scrap wood that I had lying around our personal woodshop, everything turned out absolutely nice, and I even chose a modern cooling system that can cool the section with no problem and efficiently. I’m cheerful that I did because the section is fairly sizable. One mistake could have left me with a section that neither me nor our customers would be able to enjoy fully. Now, I have our dream job as well as our dream store. Everything worked out perfectly!

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We should leave sooner

When I will take the time to plan an outing on the weekends, I usually try to get a few friends to go out to see a movie after eating lunch or something of that nature. And this was the case last weekend like any other weekend. I was excited for I hadn’t seen our friends in about a month because we had all been tied down with incessant work. I thought that a fun time away from our deadlines was just what we all needed, when we made it to the diner. Right away, I noticed about half way into our meal that the a/c wasn’t running very hard.  So, when the waiter came by, I commanded that he adjust the thermostat for our party. When he told me that the air conditioning wasn’t finally working that day, I was pretty put off spending my money there as my friends and I were all super uncomfortable. But, we still had to finish our lunch. After about 15 more minutes, we were all finished and done to leave. Now, without a cooling system we were dripping with sweat. We darted out of the diner as soon as we paid our bills for some relief, and headed over to the theater. When we arrived at the theater, we were excited to see the movie and relax in a cool space for some much needed cooling relief after our experience.  However, little did we know, the air conditioning would be out there as well! How could we have had such awful luck all in one outing this weekend? After realizing that there was no way we would be able to rest through the movie in a comfortable manner, we decided to go back to the ticket desk and commanded a refund at once. Instead of sticking it out through the bad cooling system problems, we decided to dart down to a local nightclub for a couple of drinks and one last chance. When I felt the air conditioning blasting as we walked through the front door, I was relieved to finally be in a comfortable location. What an night we had, I wasn’t moving anytime soon!