Browse Month: April 2018

I need a new air conditioner

I’m really thinking about building my own home; When I was a young woman, my family always built a house to set up in, but it wasn’t until later in college that I discovered what it was like to entirely rent a house… Now that I’m 24 as well as have more financial stability, I’ve decided to make a place of my own. I’m not cool with living under somebody else’s roof as well as by somebody else’s control. I also don’t care about the idea of getting a new home. I would much rather have complete control over all the small details. I want to be the one to pick the design layout, the size of the rooms, the wall colors, as well as what method of Heating plus A/C device I have installed. I’ve been doing some thorough research on which heating as well as air features I’d care about to have, however to start, I need something that is energy efficient. I don’t want anything that will really increase my month to month energy bills during the middle of summer season as well as Winter season! I also want a device that is economically friendly… A Heating plus A/C professional proposed that I set up a geothermal heat pump… This would transfer the outside airs heat into my home. The last thing I’m considering when it comes to my heating as well as air, is radiant flooring. I will be having solid floors installed throughout the home, so having them nice as well as toasty would be so great. If I’m going to have the radiant floors installed, it has to be in the process of building, because otherwise, it will cost myself and others much more money down the road. I have lots decisions to make before then!

The snow keeps melting

My good pal Oliver as well as I have never had annual cooling servicing. Oliver and I regularly thought that him and I could save cash by avoiding daily repairman check-ups. Oliver as well as I also don’t mind the warm air that much so him and I often said if our a/c breaks it won’t be that sizable of a concern for us both. The last Springtime the climate was absolutely nice as well as our a/c started to die on us both. Eventually our cooling stopped working completely but Oliver as well as I were okay with that due to the weather was good enough. Oliver and I decided that the two of us weren’t going to fix up our a/c to save on cash as well as the two of us would eventually fix it while I was in the cold season. Alas, last summer season when it was seriously warm as well as Oliver and I certainly needed to go away with the scorching weather, the two of us didn’t have any cooling. Oliver as well as I were managing just nice at the start of the summer season but when it got more wet air quality the two of us couldn’t handle it. Oliver and I were forced to phone a Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C specialist to have our cooling repaired. It took him a few afternoons to at last get to our house as well as repair our cooling system. Afterwards the two of us were grateful for our functioning cooling system but the two of us noticed the humidity took a toll on the home. Oliver and I started forming a small amount of mold in some of our rooms from the short exposure to the humidity.

air conditioning business 

I have a lot of goals

Because of the weather in the area where I live, the cooling system in the house is probably the most important appliance.  I am forced to operate the air conditioner just about all year long. Despite spending more money to purchase a higher rated air conditioner, it still costs me a fortune to keep a cool home.  I do everything possible to reduce energy waste, trim costs and lessen the wear and tear on the cooling unit. Along with caulking around windows and improving the level of insulation in the walls, I’ve enrolled in a preventative maintenance plan with a local HVAC contractor.  The HVAC contractor inspects, cleans and adjusts the air conditioner every year, resolving any concerns and replacing any broken parts. I noticed that every time the HVAC contractor troubleshooted the system, he remarked about the buildup of mold within the inner workings. This is extremely worrisome because it blocks airflow, negatively impacts comfort, causes the air conditioner to work harder, and costs me more every month in utility bills.  Plus, the mold spores become airborne whenever the air conditioner starts up, contaminating indoor air quality and leading to health issues. When I inquired as to how to prevent microbial growth within the air conditioner, the technician suggested that I invest in a germicidal UV light. The light incorporated directly into the cooling unit and uses UV light to prevent the growth and spread of bacteria. The light operates silently, requires no maintenance, and protects the integrity of the air conditioner and health of my home.

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Where do I get high quality service?

I have just realized that I am super gross. I recently set up a room in my house just to work out. I have mats set up all over the floors. I bought free weights, exercise balls, a jump rope, and weighted poles. I loved that the room was small with high ceilings and sealed away from the rest of my home. I had been working out steadily in there, getting a good sweat on, with no issue. I now have noticed that the smell of my workout room is just terrible. I have to keep the door shut or my whole house smells like body odor. The room is so tiny and not well ventilated that all the odors linger in there. I also don’t have any air conditioning in the room circulating the air conditions. I have been thinking about investing in some HVAC tools to get rid of the foul odors. I want to get an air conditioner to stop me from sweating and smelling so much. The A/C also might make me want to work out harder. If I don’t get overheated and tired as quickly, I can work out longer. The cooling system will also move the polluted air conditions around a bit. Then, I want to install an air purifier with the A/C system. An air purification system is made to get rid of odors in the air quality. I can turn on the A/C and the indoor air quality product can get right to work. Maybe then I can open the door and leave it open after I work out. The air purifier will get rid of the stink.

We know the repair is needed

My boyfriend Andy and I love staying in hotels. Andy every now and then has to travel for work, so the business puts him up in a hotel. The hotel rooms are always quite nice and it is an enjoyable experience. Andy and I are saving money, so our apartment is cheap, rundown, and lacking in certain necessities. When we get to the hotel, we get those necessities back again. We get to have a shower that does not use well water. The water is clean and the water pressure is just amazing. I also like how soft and big the mattress is that we sleep on. The best, though, is enjoying the air conditioning. Andy and I can’t afford air conditioning in our place. So when we get to a hotel, we go crazy. It is awesome to have a free room and know that the amount of cooling used does not matter. Nobody will find out and charge the room extra if we really crank the A/C. So Andy and I go wild with temperature control anytime we are in a hotel. If it is even slightly hot, we crank that air conditioner to the max. We basically make it so that it is so cold, we need to bundle under all the hotel blankets. Being able to experience A/C without paying for it, that is the best. Someday I am hoping Andy and I will have these things. I want good water pressure, a big mattress, and cooling in my house. But for now, I am happy to get it sometimes in hotel rooms.

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This is quality heating

If you call a HVAC business after business hours, they charge you extra. So anytime a major HVAC repair happens, I make sure it is in the 9-5 range and Monday through Friday. One summer weekend my air conditioner quit on me. It was the worst weekend of my life since I refused to call for an air conditioner repair. Most air conditioning businesses don’t work on the weekend unless you pay them basically double. It counts as emergency repair if you have them over. So, rather than pay the steep cooling repair, I just sweated my butt off for the weekend. I spent most of the time in my pool cooling off. At night I dragged out my old box fans and positioned them by me. I even tried setting a block of ice in front of the fan. It was my poor person’s air conditioner. It worked alright. But, I was excited for that Monday morning that I could call the cooling business. I then got an appointment for Monday afternoon. The HVAC contractor came in and was able to fix the AC unit in under an hour. I got charged the normal rate, but I still was upset. There is nothing more frustrating than suffering and realizing the fix was simple. The HVAC contractor simply cleaned the A/C unit. That was all I needed to do, and I could have had cooling all weekend. I also could have saved the money on that cooling service. Instead I waited in agony all weekend for someone to simply wipe my air conditioner.

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The guy is setting our heater up now

Did you know that there are scented air filters now? I was so excited when I saw them in my local hardware store. I thought it was a sign that the scented air conditioning filters were the right size for my HVAC unit. I am a big fan of scents. I have air fresheners in stock, tons of candles, and I love a good lotion. Having scented air filters made good sense. No way does my HVAC unit smell good, so that would fix it. Also I figured the air quality would have a pleasant scent to it. I figured on liking it and being a lifelong scented air filter girl. I bought all that they had to have scented air filters for the year. I totally regret that decision and it has only been one month. The scent I got was lavender. I hate the smell of it now. The scent mixed with the dirt in my HVAC unit is horrible. It smells like old, sweaty lavender in my house. It is the first thing people notice and they all comment negatively on it. My air fresheners, candles, and lotions can’t get rid of the smell. It is too potent in the indoor air quality. It has gotten so bad that I have thought about getting an air purifier to just get rid of the odor. Instead I think I will just have to go back to normal filters. I have stocked up on the scented gross ones though. I wonder if I could sell cooling filters online.

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Safety is my concern

 I have always been into entrepreneurial enterprises of one sort or another. Since I was one of those kids with a lemonade stand, I have always strived to support myself on my own talents and worked hard to avoid using my labor to fill someone else’s pockets. I have slowly built up my business acumen over the years, hopping from one field to another, and finally, have landed myself in something that will get me to the next level.

              I have recently acquired a self-storage business for far below market value, and with the renovations I am planning, I will hopefully be turning a profit within the first year. It’s an ambitious goal, but I purchased the business for an eighth its market price through an auction, so I think I can do it. One thing I need to do immediately is buy a good security system. The last owner went bankrupt from being sued over lost belongings, and I don’t want to follow in his footsteps. I am going to have a security service install surveillance cameras, motion sensors, an automated gate that open via a combination code, and alarmed units for those who want to spend a few extra bucks a month.

             It’s a solid plan and hopefully, I’ll be able to bring back some of the people who left when the old business was being pilfered by burglars. There are also some aesthetic renovations I am going to do to give the place a facelift. This is the only storage place around, so it shouldn’t be hard to get people to rent from me.

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The divorce turned very ugly

When my husband, Phil and I separated after twelve years of marriage, we had quite a few issues to resolve.  Phil was quite successful with an investment portfolio which included some prime real estate. I had given up my career in order to care for the house and our three small children.  I was extremely worried about how I would manage to stay financially afloat. Phil and I were determined to find a reasonable resolution we could both live with. Phil was willing to pay alimony, agreed to give my primary custody of the kids, and we both believed it best for me to remain in the family home.

              I got the name of a good attorney from one of my friends, and Phil also contacted a lawyer.  My lawyer advised me to demand half of all of the property and alimony for the length of the marriage.  The lawyer wanted to file a motion for me in court to protect my best interests. I was a bit concerned by how aggressive my attorney was, but I agreed.  Phil was not happy by the terms I offered, and was not prepared to pay alimony for so many years. He also insisted that the property belonged to him alone.   Because Phil was upset by the demands my lawyer had forced on me, he changed his mind about custody.

             Our peaceful discussion evolved into an angry shouting match.  We ended up spending nearly $90,000 on legal fees. I should never have allowed the lawyer to influence my position.  I didn’t even want the stuff I was asking for, and it led to a nightmare of a legal battle.

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Repairing our a/c system

As soon as it was April, the outside temperature bolted into the upper seventies.  This is legitimately a reason to be alarmed in this part of the country, in addition to this I wasn’t prepared.  I was suddenly in a rush to switch from shoveling snow to trimming the shrubbery. I needed to rake up leftover leaves, pull out the patio furniture in addition to maintenance the pool as soon as possible.  With the temperature change and the increase humidity, I had to start up the central cooling system. Unfortunately, there was no time to make an appointment for the usual professional upkeep. Normally, I made sure to hire an HVAC service to completely clean, adjust and to troubleshoot the cooling equipment.  When the air conditioner first cycled on, the cool air had an disagreeable musty smell, in addition, the operational sound was much louder than I normally would expect. My hope was that after running awhile, the air conditioner would work out any problems. Instead, the problems only worsened with continued use.  The outside temperature continued to rise, the humidity became unbearable, and the air conditioner was being used constantly. But still in the end, It wasn’t doing a wonderful job of cooling the house at all. There were sections in some rooms that were hot, and the apartment felt a bit clammy at night. I noticed that I was suffering from blinding headaches, and my kid started to sneeze every time the cooling system cycled on.  I finally set up an appointment with an HVAC technician to maintenance the struggling air conditioner. She encounter a significant buildup of mold, dust in addition to debris within the ventilation system. This accumulation was the cause of the blocked airflow, and was causing excessive wear and tear, in addition to polluting the indoor air conditions. I will now make sure that nothing prevents me from scheduling annual maintenance before starting up the cooling system ever again.