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I was having issues with the temperature in my home fluctuation from one room to another.  There were hot spots and cold areas, and I was continually adjusting the thermostat. No matter where I set the temperature, I couldn’t manage an even comfort.  Very often, the upstairs of the house was overheated and the first floor was chilly. Plus, I was paying to heat and cool empty rooms. I finally consulted with a local HVAC contractor and asked for a recommendation.  He suggested I upgrade my HVAC equipment to a zoned system. This was not all that expensive, required no major renovation and has definitely paid for itself. With HVAC zoning, I can set the temperature in each room with an independent thermostat.  The zoning system incorporates dampers in the ductwork which direct the heated or cooled air wherever I want it. I have added a wifi thermostat, so that I can access each zone from both a central location as well as my smartphone. Installing the zoned system has significantly lowered my monthly utility bills.  Because heat rises, the bedrooms in the house were always a bit warmer. This is helpful in the winter and aggravating in the summer. Family members can now customize settings to their preference without impacting the entire house. Rather than pay to maintain the entire house at a single temperature, the targeted heating/cooling lessens the workload on the system and trims costs.  We’re also benefiting from superior indoor air quality. The different zones prevent air from traveling throughout the home and spreading contaminants, such as dust, dander and pollen. I’ve noticed that I don’t need to clean or vacuum as often, and I’ve heard less complaining from family members over allergy symptoms.

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