The cost of my heater

Last July, my wife, Wendy, and I decided to host an outdoor barbecue.  We went to a great deal of work and expense. During the week prior to the party, we both spent long hours making sure the lawns and gardens looked their best.  We thoroughly cleaned the house, rented a giant tent, tables and chairs, and bought a ton of food and drinks. On the day of the party, the outside temperature climbed into the high eighties and the humidity was brutal.  Although we encouraged our guests to remain outside on the back patio and lawn, people kept heading inside to take advantage of the air conditioning. Hoping to conserve a bit of energy, I had made sure to raise the thermostat setting a bit.  I knew the door to the outside would continually be opened and closed as people accessed the bathroom and kitchen. I didn’t want my air conditioned air escaping outside, and hoped to lessen the workload of the cooling system. However, when I went inside I heard the air conditioner blasting at maximum capacity.  Someone had turned the thermostat way down and left the patio door wide open. After that, I kept a very close watch on the thermostat. I knew the upcoming energy bill was going to be super expensive, and I was a bit worried about a potential air conditioner malfunction. I was tempted to kick everyone out of the house and lock the door.  We ended up with a huge mess, both inside and outside of the house, and I doubt Wendy and I will host another summer party.

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