I couldn’t take the heat

About a year ago, I had set up a date between myself and a woman I’d been talking with over the web. We knew each other through mutual friends, and I’d always had a small crush on her. I was so excited for our date. I got a nice haircut, cleaned up my facial hair to look sharp, and had my best outfit on. I looked good, but I was still nervous as could be. When I went to the restaurant, she hadn’t arrived yet, so I decided to go ahead and claim a seat. After sending her a text letting her know which table we’d be sitting at, I waited patiently for her arrival. Thankfully the air conditioning in the restaurant was excellent, because I would’ve been really sweating otherwise. I was situated right under one of the vents too, so I felt a nice cool flow of air right on my back to keep me relaxed. After thirty minutes passed, I began feeling antsy, so I sent a text to my date asking if she was having trouble finding the restaurant. I didn’t get an answer, and after another half hour, I realized she stood me up. I would’ve thought she had something important come up, but I saw that she posted on social media about going to some bars with her friends tonight. Defeated, I decided to go to the bar instead, letting the receptionist at the front desk know that my table was free. The bar was also pretty chilly, which I didn’t mind at all. It was then that the bartender, a beautiful woman, talked with me while serving me wonderful drinks for over an hour. Funny enough, we wound up going on a date the following week, and now we’ve been together for just about a year. Life’s funny like that, isn’t it?

A/C system 

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