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After college, I lived in some really outdated and cramped apartments.  I was struggling to pay off student loans and keep up with the regular bills, and not making much money.  I chose apartments with cheap rent that were located within walking distance of my job. I put up with stained carpets, leaky faucets, insufficient hot water, broken ovens, clogged drains, and dangerous wiring.  The worst drawback of these horrible apartments was definitely the heating and cooling systems. The heating and cooling equipment was usually really old and not well cared for. Because of this, temperature control was my biggest expense.  During the winter, I would set the thermostat as low as I could tolerate. I still spent a fortune on monthly heating bills. The heating systems were not energy efficient, put out very little heat, and usually spewed a great deal of dust. I often worried about safety, like fire hazards and carbon monoxide poisoning.  Since I lived in an area that experienced sub zero winter temperatures, it was not possible to go without heat. It aggravated me that I spent so much on monthly heating bills and yet I was always shivering. In the summer, I never bothered to run the air conditioner. The majority of those crappy apartments didn’t even offer the possibility of air conditioning.  In the others, the air conditioners were so ancient, corroded and overrun with mold that they gave me a terrible headache and a sore throat. Plus, I simply couldn’t afford the electric bill. I preferred to open the windows, deal with noise and air pollution, and sweat profusely. When I finally started to make a little more money and moved to a nicer apartment, the HVAC system was a priority for me.

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