Heading home for lunch

Being done from work is both relaxing and not that fun. I like that I have a ton of free time, no stress at all and freedom to do what I love. The cons to this is that because I worked so much, I have no things I enjoy doing. I tried hockey, working in the house and fixing up the shed. I even tried setting up a space for myself. Nothing really was making me happy with the work. My newest interest is the closest I have come to liking my retirement. I have been enjoying watching birds. I bought a whole bunch of feeders and seeds and types of feeders. I have a special oriole feeding equipment and a hummingbird feeding equipment as well. Then I bought a bunch of books on the animals and their habits. What I do is basically hang in the home office recliner with a pair of binoculars. I really kind of like it. I care about resting in a comfy chair and totally relaxing. The best is that I can set our HVAC unit the method that I want it to. My wife still is at work, so for 9 everyday, I get to decide on the heater and air. If I want the gas furnace up to 68 degrees or a/c to 50 degrees, nobody is there to talk to me about these weird settings. With our smart thermostat, I don’t even have to get out of our recliner to adjust the HVAC unit. I use our computer to turn it on, and the HVAC does its job.

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