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That scared me

My wife and I live in a two-story house situated on a fairly busy street. The house we’ve called home for the past two years has been wonderful, but it hasn’t been without issues. One big problem I have with the house is that our upstairs study is always much warmer than the rest of the house. It’s frustrating, especially when the summer heat is bearing down on the house. The remainder of our home will be a cool 74 degrees, while that single room upstairs is constantly in the eighties. We’ve tried placing box fans at the doorway of the study, cracking windows, checking seals – everything! For some reason, this room just doesn’t want to cool down. Finally we reached out to a friend of ours who’s going through certification courses to be an HVAC specialist. He told us that we could try installing a ventilator fan, which moves cold air from one room to the adjacent room. He said we could install it in the wall or floor, but we should pick whichever room cools down faster. The room below the study was the den, so we went with the floor ventilator fan. Installation was beyond us – my wife and I aren’t carpenters or contractors of any sort – so we asked our friend to help us with the install. Aside from the upfront cost of the installation, the entire project didn’t hit our wallets very hard, which was wonderful. When our friend finished and turned on the ventilator for the first time, we noticed a difference in the room within fifteen minutes. Finally, some relief! Our friend told us we should consider having some ductwork run into the room for more airflow, but this will do for now. I’m just glad we can finally use our study to do some work!

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I couldn’t take the heat

About a year ago, I had set up a date between myself and a woman I’d been talking with over the web. We knew each other through mutual friends, and I’d always had a small crush on her. I was so excited for our date. I got a nice haircut, cleaned up my facial hair to look sharp, and had my best outfit on. I looked good, but I was still nervous as could be. When I went to the restaurant, she hadn’t arrived yet, so I decided to go ahead and claim a seat. After sending her a text letting her know which table we’d be sitting at, I waited patiently for her arrival. Thankfully the air conditioning in the restaurant was excellent, because I would’ve been really sweating otherwise. I was situated right under one of the vents too, so I felt a nice cool flow of air right on my back to keep me relaxed. After thirty minutes passed, I began feeling antsy, so I sent a text to my date asking if she was having trouble finding the restaurant. I didn’t get an answer, and after another half hour, I realized she stood me up. I would’ve thought she had something important come up, but I saw that she posted on social media about going to some bars with her friends tonight. Defeated, I decided to go to the bar instead, letting the receptionist at the front desk know that my table was free. The bar was also pretty chilly, which I didn’t mind at all. It was then that the bartender, a beautiful woman, talked with me while serving me wonderful drinks for over an hour. Funny enough, we wound up going on a date the following week, and now we’ve been together for just about a year. Life’s funny like that, isn’t it?

A/C system 

We’re looking for a small heater

What is a amazing about fall? I am not a big fan of the fall season. I hate when the leaves fall because it means I have to rake. I am not a fan of apples, nor pumpkins or cider. I, also hate the holidays. The extra cooking and the cleanup that goes with it. So, fall is really probably the most dreaded season for me. It is also, another reminder of the following extra expenses. Buying food and presents for the holidays. Fall is when I shut off my cooling system. So I require a HVAC technician to clean and check the AC unit. He makes sure there are not any loose parts, mold or other items which need to be replaced. On the same day I have the heating and AC technician, inspect the heating system. Most heating systems should be cleaned before you turn your furnace, broiler or other heating system on. The heating system gathers dust over time. More than just the furnace filter is required to be changed. The HVAC technician will assess for loose parts, damage and if items ought to be oiled. The furnace blower preferences oil, the fan motor belts, and check the lubrication. Also, the heat exchanger on the gas furnace ought to be inspected for any possible cracks. A reliable and good heating and cooling company technician will ensure the furnace is safe to operate this coming winter. It is time consuming, expensive plus it happens in fall which adds to the already other bills and expenses. However, getting it inspected early by a professional HVAC company will save me money in the long run.

AC malfunctions

My boyfriend, Bob is truly handy.  Bob can repair wiring, hang a door or install an overhead light.  He is a champ when it comes to basically, any of those manly household jobs, I told Bob to conceal his skills from my family. My family is quick to ask for free help.  I don’t like it. Bob is such a generous guy, he couldn’t refuse to help. The worst part is that my family has realized that Bob is super skilled with Heating and A/C components. It is like he is a professional  Heating and A/C contractor. He totally understands how the heating system runs and how an AC system functions. He can even make use of things around the house to handle any necessary Heating and A/C service. Unfortunately, , word has spread through the family that I am dating a Heating and A/C expert. My mother has convinced him to perform  numerous cleanings to the the inside of her gas furnace. My dad has asked him to clean the condensate drain of the air conditioner several times. My sister has boiler system that is basically running on life support and needs constant attention. My brother is trying to get Bob to install a new heat pump for him. I think I need to put a stop to this   I will sit the family down and explain the deal. They either pay Bob everytime he performs some type of Heating and A/C service, or they are not allowed to take advantage of his skills. Bob is just too nice to ask for money or say no. I need to step in and take care of him. My boyfriend should not be the family’s free source for Heating and A/C services.

HVAC installation 

The fluctuations are killing me

When my husband, Peter and I were finally ready to build our dream house, we hoped to maximize energy efficiency.  We are both very concerned with environmental responsibility and strive to minimize our carbon footprint. After a great deal of research, we determined that a geothermal heat pump was our best option for temperature control.  According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a geothermal system is the most environmentally friendly means of heating and cooling. This is because the system draws from the relatively stable temperatures found below ground year round.  The geothermal heat pump taps into a free energy source and simply moves heat from one location to another. In the summer, it extracts heat from inside the house and pumps it outdoors, creating a cooling effect. The process is far more energy efficient than a conventional air conditioner and provides superior dehumidification.  In the winter, the heat pump pulls ambient warmth, compresses it to a higher temperature and delivers it to the rooms within the house. The heat pump uses a very small amount of electricity to operate and does not burn fossil fuels to create heat. Because there is no combustion process, there are no fumes, hot surfaces, carbon monoxide or greenhouse gases.  The system is safe, silent and exceptionally clean. It costs very little to operate and maintains very even temperatures, no matter what the weather brings. To further trim costs and protect the environment, Peter and I installed solar panels, which completely handle our needs for electricity. We actually produce more energy than we use, and earn money back from the electric company.

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This is very hectic

I was having issues with the temperature in my home fluctuation from one room to another.  There were hot spots and cold areas, and I was continually adjusting the thermostat. No matter where I set the temperature, I couldn’t manage an even comfort.  Very often, the upstairs of the house was overheated and the first floor was chilly. Plus, I was paying to heat and cool empty rooms. I finally consulted with a local HVAC contractor and asked for a recommendation.  He suggested I upgrade my HVAC equipment to a zoned system. This was not all that expensive, required no major renovation and has definitely paid for itself. With HVAC zoning, I can set the temperature in each room with an independent thermostat.  The zoning system incorporates dampers in the ductwork which direct the heated or cooled air wherever I want it. I have added a wifi thermostat, so that I can access each zone from both a central location as well as my smartphone. Installing the zoned system has significantly lowered my monthly utility bills.  Because heat rises, the bedrooms in the house were always a bit warmer. This is helpful in the winter and aggravating in the summer. Family members can now customize settings to their preference without impacting the entire house. Rather than pay to maintain the entire house at a single temperature, the targeted heating/cooling lessens the workload on the system and trims costs.  We’re also benefiting from superior indoor air quality. The different zones prevent air from traveling throughout the home and spreading contaminants, such as dust, dander and pollen. I’ve noticed that I don’t need to clean or vacuum as often, and I’ve heard less complaining from family members over allergy symptoms.

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Heading home for lunch

Being done from work is both relaxing and not that fun. I like that I have a ton of free time, no stress at all and freedom to do what I love. The cons to this is that because I worked so much, I have no things I enjoy doing. I tried hockey, working in the house and fixing up the shed. I even tried setting up a space for myself. Nothing really was making me happy with the work. My newest interest is the closest I have come to liking my retirement. I have been enjoying watching birds. I bought a whole bunch of feeders and seeds and types of feeders. I have a special oriole feeding equipment and a hummingbird feeding equipment as well. Then I bought a bunch of books on the animals and their habits. What I do is basically hang in the home office recliner with a pair of binoculars. I really kind of like it. I care about resting in a comfy chair and totally relaxing. The best is that I can set our HVAC unit the method that I want it to. My wife still is at work, so for 9 everyday, I get to decide on the heater and air. If I want the gas furnace up to 68 degrees or a/c to 50 degrees, nobody is there to talk to me about these weird settings. With our smart thermostat, I don’t even have to get out of our recliner to adjust the HVAC unit. I use our computer to turn it on, and the HVAC does its job.

I have a very modern heater

My buddy Seth once a months adds one more tattoo to his body, then every year Seth tries to convince me to get a tat, my buddy thinks I will see the ink and suddenly want a new one. They put tattoos on with sharp objects. Also they are there forever. It is just not for myself at all! However, last year I did go with Seth and support my buddy. I have to say I was surprised by the tattoo parlor. I pictured a real awful locale with dirty ceilings and low lights. Tattoo shops are way nicer than I gave them good points for, then Seth’s locale was real nice and it had a ton of current equipment. There were brand new computers for making appointments and I even saw a ductless mini device on the wall! Ductless Heating, Ventilation & A/C units are going all through the market. They are way nicer than forced air due to ductless Heating, Ventilation & A/C tends to be cleaner. The ductless equipment can be hooked with a whole home air cleaner to keep the air quality cleaned up. Additionally, ductless furnace and cooling tends to be quieter, then you don’t have to handle all of the shaking ducts, not only was the air quality fresher, it was perfect. I thought about no type of Heating, Ventilation & A/C, or maybe too much. Tattoo shops seem like a spot that would blast AC like a doctor’s office. Rather I was pleasantly surprised by the ideal temperature control in the space. The a/c was just what I wanted.

HVAC supplier 

The cost of my heater

Last July, my wife, Wendy, and I decided to host an outdoor barbecue.  We went to a great deal of work and expense. During the week prior to the party, we both spent long hours making sure the lawns and gardens looked their best.  We thoroughly cleaned the house, rented a giant tent, tables and chairs, and bought a ton of food and drinks. On the day of the party, the outside temperature climbed into the high eighties and the humidity was brutal.  Although we encouraged our guests to remain outside on the back patio and lawn, people kept heading inside to take advantage of the air conditioning. Hoping to conserve a bit of energy, I had made sure to raise the thermostat setting a bit.  I knew the door to the outside would continually be opened and closed as people accessed the bathroom and kitchen. I didn’t want my air conditioned air escaping outside, and hoped to lessen the workload of the cooling system. However, when I went inside I heard the air conditioner blasting at maximum capacity.  Someone had turned the thermostat way down and left the patio door wide open. After that, I kept a very close watch on the thermostat. I knew the upcoming energy bill was going to be super expensive, and I was a bit worried about a potential air conditioner malfunction. I was tempted to kick everyone out of the house and lock the door.  We ended up with a huge mess, both inside and outside of the house, and I doubt Wendy and I will host another summer party.

cooling equipment 

I can’t get a technician here

After college, I lived in some really outdated and cramped apartments.  I was struggling to pay off student loans and keep up with the regular bills, and not making much money.  I chose apartments with cheap rent that were located within walking distance of my job. I put up with stained carpets, leaky faucets, insufficient hot water, broken ovens, clogged drains, and dangerous wiring.  The worst drawback of these horrible apartments was definitely the heating and cooling systems. The heating and cooling equipment was usually really old and not well cared for. Because of this, temperature control was my biggest expense.  During the winter, I would set the thermostat as low as I could tolerate. I still spent a fortune on monthly heating bills. The heating systems were not energy efficient, put out very little heat, and usually spewed a great deal of dust. I often worried about safety, like fire hazards and carbon monoxide poisoning.  Since I lived in an area that experienced sub zero winter temperatures, it was not possible to go without heat. It aggravated me that I spent so much on monthly heating bills and yet I was always shivering. In the summer, I never bothered to run the air conditioner. The majority of those crappy apartments didn’t even offer the possibility of air conditioning.  In the others, the air conditioners were so ancient, corroded and overrun with mold that they gave me a terrible headache and a sore throat. Plus, I simply couldn’t afford the electric bill. I preferred to open the windows, deal with noise and air pollution, and sweat profusely. When I finally started to make a little more money and moved to a nicer apartment, the HVAC system was a priority for me.

home comfort