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I have worked really long in my life to get to a time where I can take an early leave, I fully plan on spending the rest of my life traveling and residing the life of a hippie, luckily I have been able to save quite a bit of cash within my life, and along with some rather great investment choices, I have gotten quite a sizeable chunk of change! My idea is to travel to every place in the US, then transfer on the rest of the world, and finally heading overseas to enjoy the last of my afternoons in a new continent, or perhaps on the beach. In preparing for this long time getaway I have only 1 big item thing to sell off which is my house. I bought it a few years ago and have put tons of money into it throughout the years, then one thing I never even believed I would be doing to my home, but, is having a Radon testing company head out to test the Radon gas levels throughout my house, however radon gas is a really clear, has no smell, cancer-causing radiation that can seep in through the dirt surrounding your home, according to the online web, it is the hour highest cause of typical cancer in the US, so it goes without saying how pressing it is to test for and reduce any hardcore levels of Radon that might exist in your home. I never had the Radon gas amounts in my home looked over until now.

radon gasĀ 

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