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One of my favorite movies of all time is My Cousin Vinny. The movie is about two kids that get into a bit of legal trouble. The boys get wrongfully accused of murder and aiding and abetting. The one boy calls his cousin who happens to be a lawyer. The movie mainly circles this lawyer trying to figure out the case. The movie is actually a comedy because the cousin is not a really good lawyer. It took him four times to pass the BAR exam. Also he is mainly a personal injury lawyer. Doing a bigger case, and one going to trial, is outside of his means of expertise. What I find really cool about this movie though is that it is very legally accurate. The director of the film is actually a former lawyer. He wanted all of the legal proceedings to be accurate. He made the trail strategy and courtroom procedure on point as well. Many colleges that are law based have praised the film with how it handles witness and expert witness standing trial. They actually will show the movie My Cousin Vinny in certain law schools to give the aspiring lawyers perspective. One scene in particular has Vinny talking about how in law school they don’t teach you how to stand in trial. They teach you cases and laws, not how to properly conduct yourself. It is accurate, perfect and a super funny movie for non lawyers as well. So if you feel like a good laugh and to hear some of the best quotes, pick up the movie My Cousin Vinny with Joe Pesci.

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