Heading back to the dining room

The other day I noticed that there was funky smell in our dining room.  I could not place what the smell was but it was disgusting!! I spent three whole days tearing that room apart looking for the smell, but I could not find the cause.  I can say though that after tearing the room apart it has never been cleaner, that is if you don’t count the horrid smell. My husband was helping me move the dining room table on the third day and as we were moving the table our heating system kicked on, blowing warm air through the vents and with it came the intensified disgusting smell.  I turned to him and asked him if something had managed to crawl into our ductwork and die. I didn’t wait for him to answer I ran through the house smelling all of the air coming up through the vents as I did this I was trying to calculate how expensive it would be to find a dead animal in our ductwork. After I sniffed my last heat vent there was nothing the smell was still only in our dining room, but now I was positive that it was something in our ductwork.  As I headed back to the dining room where I had left my husband I was busy looking up the number of our HVAC technician on my phone. I was getting ready to call our HVAC technician when my husband said “I found that missing Easter egg the kids lost.” When I looked at him I saw that he had pulled the vent off and found an old rotting Easter egg in the ductwork. GROSS!

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