Cooling systems

When I was 22 my best friend and I moved into our first apartment together.  We had been putting away a third of our monthly incomes over the last couple years so we could afford to rent an apartment, and furnish it.  Now for two college students it took awhile before we felt like we had saved up enough money to rent our first place. The apartment we rented was in the perfect location, it was a five minute walk to campus, a 10 minute drive to the grocery store, and we also had a lot of restaurants that would deliver too.  We loved our apartment, during the winter it was always nice and cozy warm, but as the warmer months rolled in we realized how unpleasant the summer was going to be for us because we had no air conditioning. When we went air conditioning shopping together we saw many window units but we both knew that we would struggled to get the unit in and out of the window.  So we decided to talk to an HVAC dealer to see if they would have any recommendations for us, and lucky for us they did. The HVAC dealer we spoke with had the perfect solution for our problem. His company sold this portable air conditioning unit that sat right on the floor and it had a hose that you inserted into the window. With this cooling system we would only need to have our window open six inches and the bottom to allow the hose setup.  We wouldn’t lose the view from our window and when it was time to turn the heat back on all we had to do was roll our air conditioner into the closet. How perfect is that?

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