Checking things out

Last month my family and I moved into our new home that we had spent the last couple years building.  This was a very exciting time for us. After all of the stress and aggravation we endured during the process of building our home, the time for us to finally enjoy it was here at last!  When we woke up the first morning in our new home it was pretty chilly and there was a deep frost outside, so my husband adjust the thermostat setting from his phone and we snuggled in bed until while the house warmed up.  The kids were still sleeping so we felt no need to torture ourselves by getting up to a chilly house. As we laid in bed making our plan for the day, we heard our siamese cat squeaking throughout the house. At first we figured he was just exploring and looking for his people, but then his cries became more desperate.  As his cries grew more desperate and he didn’t come find us, we decided to get up and check it out. We found him in the kitchen looking worried and panicked. We could not figure out what had him so riled up, and then our three year old got up and stood on one of the heat vents blowing her nightgown out around her. When the cat noticed that he sprinted over to where she was and curled up on the heat vent.  He was upset because he heard our heating system kicking on but he had no idea where our heating vents were and he loves to curl up on those vents. Heating vents are his happy place. When we chose our forced air heating system we actually picked forced air with him in mind. We have heating vents on the floor to keep the cat happy, and a smart thermostat to keep the husband happy.

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