A fancy new HVAC system

I just got scammed by a local HVAC company! I am a newbie when it comes to homeownership, so when an HVAC company knocked on my door to advertise their “off season special,” I jumped on the deal. Afterall, I really want my heating and cooling system to last me for a really long time. I figured that the HVAC company would help change the filters and do a simple tune up that would ensure there were no problems with the HVAC system. Little did I know, the HVAC company wasn’t really giving me any sort of good deal. If anything, they were charging me more, and giving me less. The technician spent an hour or so doing all kinds of tinkering and taking a bunch of measurements. He then told me that my HVAC system had all sorts of problems and would need to be replaced soon but that he could give me a special deal for just $9999. According to the technician, this was a 30 percent discount for that type of HVAC system. He then charged me the $49 “off season special” which was basically nothing, not even a filter change, and left me with an invoice for a fancy new HVAC system. I knew I was getting scammed. I highly doubt I need a new HVAC system. He was just trying to play me. From now on, I am not trusting any technician who knocks on my door advertising any sort of special. I am only going to use an HVAC company with good reviews and a decent reputation. I suppose I learned my lesson the hard way!

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