A community event

My boyfriend has been dragging me to his church’s weekly services recently. I can’t say that I am particularly religious, but I have discovered that I do not mind attending these services because of a number of reasons. First of all, even though I might not enjoy or even necessarily agree with the subject material, the pastor’s sermons are always very well written, performed, and articulated. She always has a lot to say about a number of fascinating topics, and I have actually had the chance to speak with her about some of the topics after the services. Secondly, the rest of the parishioners at this church are incredibly friendly and welcoming. They don’t really seem to care whether or not I believe in the same things they do, as long as I am a good person! Thirdly, the heating and cooling system in this church is absolutely incredible. I do not know where they found the budget to install such a miraculous heating and cooling system, but I can vouch for the fact that it was worth every single penny. That heating and cooling system is installed throughout the entire church building. I was most surprised to find such a great HVAC system in the sanctuary. The area is enormous, so I figured that it must be rather challenging to keep comfortable throughout the course of the year. The HVAC system is also in the parish hall, where many community events are held. I have never been to a coffee hour in the parish hall without feeling extremely comfortable, but not overheated. I really respect this church because the funds clearly go to improving the space, providing comfort to church-goers, and improving the community in general.

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