Browse Month: March 2018

A community event

My boyfriend has been dragging me to his church’s weekly services recently. I can’t say that I am particularly religious, but I have discovered that I do not mind attending these services because of a number of reasons. First of all, even though I might not enjoy or even necessarily agree with the subject material, the pastor’s sermons are always very well written, performed, and articulated. She always has a lot to say about a number of fascinating topics, and I have actually had the chance to speak with her about some of the topics after the services. Secondly, the rest of the parishioners at this church are incredibly friendly and welcoming. They don’t really seem to care whether or not I believe in the same things they do, as long as I am a good person! Thirdly, the heating and cooling system in this church is absolutely incredible. I do not know where they found the budget to install such a miraculous heating and cooling system, but I can vouch for the fact that it was worth every single penny. That heating and cooling system is installed throughout the entire church building. I was most surprised to find such a great HVAC system in the sanctuary. The area is enormous, so I figured that it must be rather challenging to keep comfortable throughout the course of the year. The HVAC system is also in the parish hall, where many community events are held. I have never been to a coffee hour in the parish hall without feeling extremely comfortable, but not overheated. I really respect this church because the funds clearly go to improving the space, providing comfort to church-goers, and improving the community in general.

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Law school

One of my favorite movies of all time is My Cousin Vinny. The movie is about two kids that get into a bit of legal trouble. The boys get wrongfully accused of murder and aiding and abetting. The one boy calls his cousin who happens to be a lawyer. The movie mainly circles this lawyer trying to figure out the case. The movie is actually a comedy because the cousin is not a really good lawyer. It took him four times to pass the BAR exam. Also he is mainly a personal injury lawyer. Doing a bigger case, and one going to trial, is outside of his means of expertise. What I find really cool about this movie though is that it is very legally accurate. The director of the film is actually a former lawyer. He wanted all of the legal proceedings to be accurate. He made the trail strategy and courtroom procedure on point as well. Many colleges that are law based have praised the film with how it handles witness and expert witness standing trial. They actually will show the movie My Cousin Vinny in certain law schools to give the aspiring lawyers perspective. One scene in particular has Vinny talking about how in law school they don’t teach you how to stand in trial. They teach you cases and laws, not how to properly conduct yourself. It is accurate, perfect and a super funny movie for non lawyers as well. So if you feel like a good laugh and to hear some of the best quotes, pick up the movie My Cousin Vinny with Joe Pesci.

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New HVAC solutions

I love living in the Northeast because I am an avid outdoor sports junkie. Since I was a kid, I have been going skiing, snowboarding, and I even love to go ice skating on occasion. The weather here allows me to do the sports for as long as I possibly can during the year. There are part of my routine, and I can’t imagine not being able to play them. However, there is one downfall to living here. I hate having to deal with my wood burning furnace. I live in an older home, so it does not have a modern HVAC system. The wood burning furnace has a certain charm to it, but it requires a lot of work. I’m constantly having to chop logs so that I can run the heater. If I were to put off this chore even for a day or two, I would not have enough wood to keep my furnace running, and I would be extremely cold in my own house. It snows here on a regular basis, and the temperatures can get pretty low, so this isn’t even an option. I would probably freeze to death if I were to neglect keeping my furnace running. I suppose I could consider moving into a house that has a regular HVAC unit, but I’m not in a good position to do so financially. After a few years I will probably able to buy a different home, but right now I am stuck where I am. I would not recommend that anyone buy a house with a wood-burning furnace unless they genuinely enjoy working with their hands and staying busy.

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Heading back to the dining room

The other day I noticed that there was funky smell in our dining room.  I could not place what the smell was but it was disgusting!! I spent three whole days tearing that room apart looking for the smell, but I could not find the cause.  I can say though that after tearing the room apart it has never been cleaner, that is if you don’t count the horrid smell. My husband was helping me move the dining room table on the third day and as we were moving the table our heating system kicked on, blowing warm air through the vents and with it came the intensified disgusting smell.  I turned to him and asked him if something had managed to crawl into our ductwork and die. I didn’t wait for him to answer I ran through the house smelling all of the air coming up through the vents as I did this I was trying to calculate how expensive it would be to find a dead animal in our ductwork. After I sniffed my last heat vent there was nothing the smell was still only in our dining room, but now I was positive that it was something in our ductwork.  As I headed back to the dining room where I had left my husband I was busy looking up the number of our HVAC technician on my phone. I was getting ready to call our HVAC technician when my husband said “I found that missing Easter egg the kids lost.” When I looked at him I saw that he had pulled the vent off and found an old rotting Easter egg in the ductwork. GROSS!

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Cooling systems

When I was 22 my best friend and I moved into our first apartment together.  We had been putting away a third of our monthly incomes over the last couple years so we could afford to rent an apartment, and furnish it.  Now for two college students it took awhile before we felt like we had saved up enough money to rent our first place. The apartment we rented was in the perfect location, it was a five minute walk to campus, a 10 minute drive to the grocery store, and we also had a lot of restaurants that would deliver too.  We loved our apartment, during the winter it was always nice and cozy warm, but as the warmer months rolled in we realized how unpleasant the summer was going to be for us because we had no air conditioning. When we went air conditioning shopping together we saw many window units but we both knew that we would struggled to get the unit in and out of the window.  So we decided to talk to an HVAC dealer to see if they would have any recommendations for us, and lucky for us they did. The HVAC dealer we spoke with had the perfect solution for our problem. His company sold this portable air conditioning unit that sat right on the floor and it had a hose that you inserted into the window. With this cooling system we would only need to have our window open six inches and the bottom to allow the hose setup.  We wouldn’t lose the view from our window and when it was time to turn the heat back on all we had to do was roll our air conditioner into the closet. How perfect is that?

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Checking things out

Last month my family and I moved into our new home that we had spent the last couple years building.  This was a very exciting time for us. After all of the stress and aggravation we endured during the process of building our home, the time for us to finally enjoy it was here at last!  When we woke up the first morning in our new home it was pretty chilly and there was a deep frost outside, so my husband adjust the thermostat setting from his phone and we snuggled in bed until while the house warmed up.  The kids were still sleeping so we felt no need to torture ourselves by getting up to a chilly house. As we laid in bed making our plan for the day, we heard our siamese cat squeaking throughout the house. At first we figured he was just exploring and looking for his people, but then his cries became more desperate.  As his cries grew more desperate and he didn’t come find us, we decided to get up and check it out. We found him in the kitchen looking worried and panicked. We could not figure out what had him so riled up, and then our three year old got up and stood on one of the heat vents blowing her nightgown out around her. When the cat noticed that he sprinted over to where she was and curled up on the heat vent.  He was upset because he heard our heating system kicking on but he had no idea where our heating vents were and he loves to curl up on those vents. Heating vents are his happy place. When we chose our forced air heating system we actually picked forced air with him in mind. We have heating vents on the floor to keep the cat happy, and a smart thermostat to keep the husband happy.

This is comprehensive

After graduating high school, I had a very hard time deciding what to do with my life. I don’t mind working and I would love to move out of my parent’s house and get a place of my own, I just need to figure out a few details first. After researching a bunch of different types of trades, I have decided that heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) is the right path for me. Everything I’ve read about HVAC sounds interesting. Plus the pay is supposed to be great. However, I am really not sure the best way to get into the field. I can either go to school to get certification in HVAC, or I can do an apprenticeship at a local HVAC company. Hands on training would be great, but I feel like school training will give me a more comprehensive overview of the HVAC industry and leave me with a few more options. Of course, schooling costs money and I don’t really want to take out student loans if I can avoid it. I supposed I could try to work part time for an HVAC company while simultaneously going to school. Working while going to school in HVAC might help me hammer down the concepts faster. But it also may be a bit overwhelming. I am meeting with a career counselor on Monday to find out what he recommends and how much the certification program would really cost me. I am excited that I have made a choice finally about my career, but really terrified of what’s to come next.

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A fancy new HVAC system

I just got scammed by a local HVAC company! I am a newbie when it comes to homeownership, so when an HVAC company knocked on my door to advertise their “off season special,” I jumped on the deal. Afterall, I really want my heating and cooling system to last me for a really long time. I figured that the HVAC company would help change the filters and do a simple tune up that would ensure there were no problems with the HVAC system. Little did I know, the HVAC company wasn’t really giving me any sort of good deal. If anything, they were charging me more, and giving me less. The technician spent an hour or so doing all kinds of tinkering and taking a bunch of measurements. He then told me that my HVAC system had all sorts of problems and would need to be replaced soon but that he could give me a special deal for just $9999. According to the technician, this was a 30 percent discount for that type of HVAC system. He then charged me the $49 “off season special” which was basically nothing, not even a filter change, and left me with an invoice for a fancy new HVAC system. I knew I was getting scammed. I highly doubt I need a new HVAC system. He was just trying to play me. From now on, I am not trusting any technician who knocks on my door advertising any sort of special. I am only going to use an HVAC company with good reviews and a decent reputation. I suppose I learned my lesson the hard way!

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Why radon testing is important

A few months ago, I obtained a house & it has been a new & cool experience throughout the entire month of it. I blindly went into this idea thinking that buying a house wasn’t easily that hard. It must be like buying anything else. You simply look through a few options, pick out the option you like, sign some papers, & get the keys handed over. With a house, however, there are a bunch of precautionary steps you have to go through before calling up the moving company to schedule a plan to move in. One of these stages involves having a licensed inspector come into the condo & look over everything from the gas heater to the pipes to make sure everything is up to what you want & now is working respectfully. These inspections also involve looking for Radon gas. Radon gas can come out of the earth due to decaying uranium. Next is will seep into a residence through cracks, holes, & other places in the basement. It also can be anywhere in the house like the bathroom, kitchen or even attic. The gas is not able to be detected without a radon testing kit. Also, over an extended period of time it can be highly toxic. In particular, Radon gas is thought of to be the leading cause of lung cancer in the United States behind cigarettes being smoked. That alone makes looking for Radon gas of paramount interest to any person in a home. There are Radon testing people out there that not only look to see if the gas is present, but they also can remove it.

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Learning something new every day

I have worked really long in my life to get to a time where I can take an early leave, I fully plan on spending the rest of my life traveling and residing the life of a hippie, luckily I have been able to save quite a bit of cash within my life, and along with some rather great investment choices, I have gotten quite a sizeable chunk of change! My idea is to travel to every place in the US, then transfer on the rest of the world, and finally heading overseas to enjoy the last of my afternoons in a new continent, or perhaps on the beach. In preparing for this long time getaway I have only 1 big item thing to sell off which is my house. I bought it a few years ago and have put tons of money into it throughout the years, then one thing I never even believed I would be doing to my home, but, is having a Radon testing company head out to test the Radon gas levels throughout my house, however radon gas is a really clear, has no smell, cancer-causing radiation that can seep in through the dirt surrounding your home, according to the online web, it is the hour highest cause of typical cancer in the US, so it goes without saying how pressing it is to test for and reduce any hardcore levels of Radon that might exist in your home. I never had the Radon gas amounts in my home looked over until now.

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