Winter can be hard on you

My family and I live in the southern region of the country. During most of the year, there is an abundant amount of sunshine and heat. The summer temperatures can be oppressive, especially during June and July. My family and I enjoy the humidity and warm temperatures, because we love to surf and water ski. The winter can be cold at times, but the temperatures are usually quite mild. This month has been really hard on our HVAC system. The first week of the month, we had to run the furnace. It was thirty degrees outside at night. Despite the warm daytime temperatures, we had to turn on the furnace while we were sleeping. I hate having to turn on the furnace, but some nights were close to 60 degrees in the house. We ran the furnace for six days in a row, more than any previous year. Last week, the daily temperatures were close to eighty degrees outside. I went to sleep with the furnace on, and woke up having to use the air conditioner. These changing temperatures have made it difficult to keep the house comfortable. Having to change between the furnace and the air conditioner, is no good for our HVAC system either. ¬†We have to pay our HVAC company to come out and tune-up the system, two times each and every year. These are the types of issues that we face, because we live in the southern portion of the country. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, but I wish it would stay warm all through the year.

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