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I assume that it was around my sixth or maybe seventh birthday, when I decided that I knew what I desired to do with my whole life. I had seen the light and knew that I was destined to join the church and dedicate my life to the priesthood. My parents never forced myself and others to go to church, but on one fine day when I attended a service at church with my Grandma, I was somehow overcome with joy, love, and excitement. Most of my other relatives and family friends seemed to take it as a phase at 1st, but after a few months time, my conviction stuck and they started to take it more seriously. However, everything began to change when I entered a young priest training program after graduating private school, and you see, the furnace at my parents home was an item of total luxury for us. It displayed advanced humidity controls and more heating and cooling settings than there were hours in the day. I never realized how temperature control was a thing that I totally relied on and maybe took for granted. It seems insane for a heating and cooling system conundrum to be my excuse for decreasing my life plan, but the sad truth is that Heating and Air Conditioning systems are quite rarely a section of the daily life in these old churches up here in the far northeast. In fact, a series of small fireplaces was the only comfort and heat we had in any of the cathedrals we visited. Now naturally if the heating equipment in a building is not up to par, you can just dress warmly and you will be fine. In these unfortunate conditions control scenarios though, it would be a big weakness for a priest to be so afflicted by the lack of proper heating.

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