I’ve been a good homeowner

There are a few things you have to keep in mind when looking at homes up north, but the most important thing is that the house is properly winterized. That means all of the walls and attic have good insulation in them, the windows and doors have good seals when they are shut, that the furnace has been maintenance including changing out the air filter, and that you have a generator backup on hand in case the power goes out. All these things are necessary to make the rough winter storms more bearable. Also, I would recommend finding a home with a fireplace or two in it. Not only do they help offset the energy costs your furnace can rack up, but they also smell pleasant and provide a soothing ambiance to the home. One last thing I can think of is more tertiary to finding a decent home to handle the winter months, and that is getting a good HVAC company to work with. There are tons of them out there so it behooves a person to do a bit of research online, but a decent HVAC company will save you tons of hassle when it comes to your furnace, ducts, vents, and everything else involved with your HVAC system. The better companies will offer a service plan where they will come out biannually to perform regular service work to your system. It comes in handy for those people who are forgetful about those sorts of things. I highly recommend a service plan for any home owner.

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