It’s freezing in this place

I am a recent divorcee who is trying to get back into the dating game after many years. I have to say I am a bit rusty as I married my high school sweetheart and we had been together almost twenty years. This feels like a whole new beginning for me but I am ready to take it head on. There are all these internet dating sites around that are suppose to make it easier to find that someone special, but honestly they all seem kind of weird to me. Having all these exchanges with a picture on a computer screen about the mundane things like where you work and what hobbies you have seem rather odd, but I went ahead with it and have actually had some success. I’ve been on a couple dates, though nothing serious has come from it, but then again I suppose this is all sort of a learning curve for me anyway. I did have this pretty wild experience a week ago while on a first date. We went to this restaurant that was supposed to be five stars but it sure didn’t feel that way. It was freezing in there! It’s pretty cold outside to begin with so why you wouldn’t have the furnace running on high I do not know, but they actually had their thermostat set at 62 degrees. I mentioned this to one of the wait staff and I was informed that only the owner was allowed to mess with the heat controls and he wasn’t in. The date went terribly and I will never go back there again.

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