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My wife and I went out to dinner for our anniversary just the other day. We went to her favorite restaurant of all time. It’s an expensive high-end Italian restaurant in town with a name I can’t even pronounce. She loves it more than just about any other food. Because I love her more than anything else in the world, I take her there for our anniversary nearly every year, despite the food not being my personal favorite. I really don’t mind because I can eat just about anything and enjoy it. But this time was a different story. Normally, the atmosphere and environment are amazing. The service is generally fantastic too. However, this time around, neither of us really enjoyed our visit. As soon as we got in, we immediately felt a noticeable difference. Apparently the day of our anniversary, their air conditioning decided to go on the fritz. I understand that things happen, but it just seemed ironic that the A/C had to choose today of all days. I asked one of the staff if they had any plans on getting the issue resolved and they said an HVAC company had already been notified and was on the way over at that very moment. I asked my wife if she wanted to stay and she said she didn’t mind since the HVAC company was already on the way over. She wasn’t going to let a lack of A/C ruin our anniversary. Despite all the issues, the food was actually better than normal and they gave us a discount for the malfunction and since it was our anniversary. They earned their place in our book.

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