HVAC tune-up

Every morning I have a similar routine when I’m getting ready for work. I wake up, pop out of bed once I see that my boyfriend is moving, and go down to the kitchen to start preparing morning provisions. I heat up water to make pour over coffee on the stove first. Then I start preparing some sort of easy lunch for my boyfriend to bring with him that day. Once both of those tasks are finished, I cook up some quick eggs so he can scarf them down for breakfast on his way out the door. After he leaves, I start to prepare my own work space. See, I work from home every day, so my best productivity requires a few modifications of the indoor space. I set the lights appropriately so I don’t get a headache and move onto the temperature control devices next. I like the central heating system to be set right around 70 degrees, but I’ve realized that this temperature is only obtained on the top floor of the house. The lower levels actually stay much cooler, which is far too chilly for me to be productive. That’s why I travel down to the lowest level and turn on the electric space heaters in that space. I like both of them to be running on their highest setting, really pumping out tons of warm and dry air into the office area. Finally, after about half an hour of relaxing coffee time, my work area is perfectly heated to the ideal indoor air temperature and I’m ready to get down to business.

HVAC business 

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