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If you are anything like my partner and I then you love to go camping and do outdoors activities in general. Ever since I was a young lad I loved to go camping with my parents and hiking through anywhere with trails, trees, and wildlife. It really has been a passion with me all my life and I still go to this day, though admittedly not as much as I would like to. This year my partner and I decided to try something new and go camping during the winter. Winter camping has some major differences from camping in milder climates though the essentials are the same. The biggest concern you have with winter camping is keeping warm. We have a space heater that we keep covered and right outside the tent so that it can blow warm air inside. No way am I putting something that could potentially start a fire inside something that is flammable, especially when we are also inside that flammable thing. That little heater works great though, and in conjunction with the right clothes you ought to be fine. Now when you’re hiking in the winter it is a bit different. I prefer to go along giant trails that have little places to stop along the way. Nothing is better after a few hours of hiking than finding a nice cabin with a roaring fire to warm you up. Even if they only have a furnace it’s fine, as long as the place is warm. Warming up gives you that second wind you need to continue hiking.

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