Heating equipment inside our home

I love cooking big holiday meals, during the colder winter months. When the oven is going all day, we barely have to use the furnace at all. I tend to get up early in the morning, in order to baste the bird. I have a special blend of seasoning that I use to baste my turkey. The oven gets set to 325 degrees, and the bird bakes all day long. While the turkey is in the oven, I work on other dishes like stuffing, cranberry dressing, and baked macaroni and cheese. These are just a few of my specialities. By the time that everyone else has woken up, the house is warm and toasty. Even without the furnace running, the house is still cozy. Best of all, the whole house smells like fresh baked bread and roasted turkey. I try to make a lot of big meals during the winter season, because the oven adds extra heat into the house. In the afternoon, we can turn off the furnace for hours. With food in the oven and the sun shining on the roof, our house doesn’t need the furnace to run all day. Unfortunately, the summer is not as fun for cooking a large meal. The heat of the oven makes the air conditioner work overtime. I try to cook most of the summer meals, on the outdoor barbeque grill. The kids get to play in the pool, while we grill tilapia, burgers, and chicken. All of the heat stays outside, and the air conditioner gets a break. Maybe that is why we don’t have big family meals, for any of the summer holidays. ¬†

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